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Red cell in a sentence

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1. Red cell volume would be a more objective indicator of placental transfusion.
2. For those not requiring red cell transfusion there was no difference in packed cell volume between the groups at 1 month.
3. Glycosylated hemoglobin refers to the specific red cell hemoglobin A types to which a glucose molecule becomes irreversibly attached.
4. We have shown that red cell volume predicts outcome in preterm infants.
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5. Shortened red cell survival in patients with uraemia may have caused a reduction in carbamylated haemoglobin in all study groups.
6. The heart mito- chodria membrane fluidity and red cell membrane fluidity of lard group rat were lower than th...
7. An Austrian pathologist identified the first two red cell antigens, A and B, in 1900.
8. Method: using red cell agglutinating test of complement sensitized yeast.
9. As far as a red cell is concerned, it is an integral pattern too.
10. Routine red cell antibody identification and cell antigen typing are performed using standard serologic techniques.
11. Objective:To explore the treatment of pure red cell aplasia(PRCA)after ABO-incompatible allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.
12. Methods The red cell antibodies were removed by DFPP in 5 recipients to prevent hemolysis and pure red cell aplasia following major ABO-incompatible unrelated bone marrow transplantation.
13. Methods The Red Cell Deformability (RCD)and the levels of the blood plasma SOD and MDA in 68 patients with presbycusis and in 50 healthy old people were measured.
14. Objective To study pure red cell aplasia(PRCA) of complication after ABO- incompatible allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
15. RESULTS: One out of fourteen recipients developed pure red cell aplasia and dropped out of final analysis.
16. Of the 14 women studied, nine had high pitted red cell counts and the majority of the group had ascites.
17. Of those patients presenting with gross ascites with normal pitted red cell counts, three were reformed rather than current drinkers.
18. Associations have been shown between low packed cell volume or red cell volume, or both, and the respiratory distress syndrome.
19. On admission blood was taken for haematology and biochemistry and for leukocyte and red cell labelling.
20. The idea goes some way to explaining why some individuals with red cell mutations are immune to Plasmodium infection.
21. Main manifestation of the clinical symptoms were enlargement of lymph nodes, fever, hepatosplenomegaly, skin rash, rapid red cell sedimentation rate and polyclonal hyperglobulinemia.
22. Objective To review the clinical and laboratory features of the reported patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and pure red cell aplasia (PRCA).
23. Now, the Duffy blood-group protein is essentially necessary for Plasmodium vivax to get into the red cell.
24. This raw serum contained, apart from the desired AHG, other, unwanted antibodies to human red cell antigens, and, of course, complement.
25. Method: The changes of the erythrocytic immune function in 40 patients with malignant hemopathy were observed with red cell yeast rosette test.
26. The prognosis is good and no recurrence occurs, The disease may be differentiated from congenital pure red cell aplasia by its relatively late onset and good prognosis.
27. After treated with Iron Complex of Mannosan, the numbers of blood white cells and red cell and medullary hemopoietic cells were calculated.
28. Objective To discuss how to diagnose and treat thymoma associated with pure red cell aplasia (PRCA).
29. The results of applying the method in Aspergillus flavus cell and red cell have proved its availability and achieved some new findings.
30. Objective: To explore the clinical features of thymoma associated with pure red cell aplasia and to evaluate outcome of surgical treatment.
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