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Red cedar in a sentence

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Synonym: Calocedrus decurrensJuniperus virginianaLibocedrus decurrensThuja plicatacanoe cedareastern red cedarincense cedarred juniperwestern red cedarSimilar words: red centred cellnot worth a red centcedarcedarwoodcedar treecedar rapidsabecedarianMeaning: n. 1. large valuable arborvitae of northwestern United States 2. small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles 3. tall tree of the Pacific coast of North America having foliage like cypress and cinnamon-red bark 4. fragrant reddish wood of any of various red cedar trees. 
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1. Made from red cedar, it is double glazed throughout and all opening window fittings are in solid brass.
2. The floor was made of polished red cedar wood.
3. The wood species included yellow cedar, red cedar, western hemlock, douglas fir, white oak, maple and Fokien cypress.
4. Western Red Cedar - I felt like I was back home in the Pacific Northwest!
5. Pressure treated wood contains harmful arsenic, and western red cedar is often found in sensitive old-growth forests.
6. The fragrant wood of red cedar ( J . virginiana ) is made into cabinets , fence posts, and pencils.
7. for example, the siding is a knotty western red cedar, which was stained rather than painted so that the knots and grain showed through.
8. The fragrant wood of eastern red cedar (J. virginiana) is made into cabinets, fence posts, and pencils.
9. Hemlock, red cedar, and balsam fir are among the other trees found in British Columbia.
10. For highly colored wood such as mahogany and red cedar, oil and alcohol stains sealer of the most effective.
11. European Spruce and Maple for musical instruments. Red Cedar tops, Mahogany, Zebrawood and many more.
12. McDonald around the lake evergreen red cedar and hemlock, and many bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bear and elk.
13. Sparkle's hull was built of two laminates of diagonally laid red cedar on an inner core of longitudinal Douglas fir.
14. Octagonal in shape,[] the framework is made from western red cedar and is available with single or double glazing throughout.
15. The issue is no less critical for the Great Bear Rainforest, a wild stretch of western red cedar, hemlock, and spruce forest that runs 250 miles down British Columbia's coast.
16. Commercial felling of timber since the Gold Rush era, the red cedar is continuing deforestation, timber companies and environmentalists are among the subject of debate.
17. Park specially for the protection of forests and the establishment of red cedar, because it is now only at the Red Cedar Park and Oregon in red cedar can be survived.
18. Then the bear came to a magnificent old-growth western red cedar and went to sleep on a bed of moss at its base.
19. As to the rounds, they were made of a sort of red cedar, with light, strong branches; and this apparatus was wrought by the masterly hand of Pencroft.
20. Red Pine State Park has the world's highest large plants - up to 350 feet of red cedar evergreen forest.
21. Cedar Creek Treehouse is 80 miles south of Seattle and is set 50 feet up in a 200-year-old western red cedar tree, right in the canopy of a lush temperate rainforest on the base of Mount Rainier.
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