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Real-time processing in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2021-05-22Updated:2021-05-22
Similar words: processing timereprocessingpreprocessingfile processingmultiprocessingimage processingprocessing proceduredigital image processingMeaning: n. data processing fast enough to keep up with an outside process. 
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1. Batch processing was replaced by real-time processing.
2. What is the difference between batch processing and real-time processing?
3. This program can meet the requirements of real-time processing and provide better performance through the analysis of the complexity and fixed-point computation errors.
4. Therefore, in the application domain of infrared guidance, real-time processing technology is the research focus.
5. For TMS320C5402 DSP, this method can achieve real-time processing with small error, store and delay.
6. It possesses the advantages of real-time processing, simple structure and high efficiency. The analysis of the convolver and the experimental results of a device with 28 taps are also given.
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7. For example, "Progressive Scan" readout enables real-time processing by eliminating the delay required to combine odd and even fields (2:1 Interlace scanning).
8. A new optical real-time processing method was proposed to weaken the zeroth -order diffractive spot in the power spectrum using a Gaussian high-pass filter.
9. The real-time processing subsystem can incept, transform, compose, display and save the data transmitted from the inspection subsystem of the high-speed catenary inspection vehicle.
10. Considering limited channel bandwidth and real-time processing requirement, it is necessary to apply efficient video source code with high compression ratio.
11. Based on the nature of concurrent task and requirement of real-time processing, a new structure of program and task dispatch and management strategy is presented in this paper.
12. Correlation algorithm can add code to achieve or video camera to obtain images of the real-time processing.
13. The system software, composed by the TSR and database management language, provides real-time processing ability, complete management function and nice operation interface.
14. Scalable technology guarantees that Canopus products place no limits on real-time processing, because they can take full advantage of increases in PC performance capability.
15. On the other ha nd, the parallel pipeline functions of FPGA resolve the problem between mass radar data real-time processing and limited DSP speeds.
16. In speech signal processing, one of the key technologies is the pitch detection algorithm, and its efficiency directly affects the quality of speech's real-time processing.
17. The impulse response of a digital reverberation processor often has a very long length, which makes the real-time processing very difficult with small error, store and delay.
18. The advantage of using communications satellites as a form of telecommunications media for data transmission is that they are well suited for interactive, real-time processing.
19. This needs the support of powerful calculating ability, and Grid Computing is the very effective method of networked manufacturing system real-time processing.
20. The natural gradient algorithm works more efficiently than the ordinary gradient algorithm, and the block recursive method is feasible to real-time processing.
21. The recursive form reduces the computational complexity, and it can meet the need of real-time processing.
22. In addition to bringing determinism to interrupt processing, task scheduling that supports periodic intervals is also needed for real-time processing.
23. SAR imaging has the characteristics of high data rate, huge dada, complex arithmetic and difficulty of real-time processing.
24. The chestnuts sorting machine based on machine vision is tested. It is proved that this system meets the requirements on sorting speed and accuracy of dynamic image grabbing and real-time processing.
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