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Radio link in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2021-07-14Updated:2021-07-14
Similar words: radiologyestradiolradiolysisradiologicradiolariaradiolucentradiologistradiologicalMeaning: n. a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave); part of a more extensive telecommunication network. 
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1) The driver has a radio link to base.
2) Stalin insisted that the radio link with the German Foreign Ministry should remain open.
3) A radio link kept them in touch with the police emergency centre and the Superintendent in charge of the security arrangements.
4) RLP Radio Link Protocol. A protocol used over the air interface.
5) A radio link is set-up by means of automatic link establishment (ALE).
6) Radio Link Protocol . A protocol used over the air interface.
7) They had no direct radio link with aircraft but used telephones to stay in touch with airline dispatchers, airway radio operators, and airport traffic controllers.
8) The selection is based on measures of the radio link qualities made during transmission of the relevant packet or made prior to its transmission.
9) The result of radio link budget also proves that it is useful for walking environment only.
10) Most of the processing would be done remotely,( link.html) signalling to the lens via a radio link.
11) An inspector in a manufacturing plant could wear a headset microphone with a two-way radio link.
12) What happened was the best: NEAR transmitted clear views of Eros ' rocky surface until landing interrupted its radio link to Earth.
13) Chapter two recommend the CDMA system in three aspects of fundamental, character and offering service, and CDMA air interface standards and radio link are also described.
14) Adaptive Joint Selective Repeat ARQ, together with Multiple Acknowledgement, can serve future wireless networks as radio link protocol.
15) The different packet flows associate packets having similar or identical radio link protocols (RLPs) in order to achieve the necessary error detection for such related packets.
16) Failure of one of two cooling systems in August set off equipment shutdowns. In July, a faulty radio link forced an unmanned cargo ship to delay docking for two days.
17) Separate earpieces, linked to the handset by a Bluetooth radio link ,( are already growing in popularity.
18) Bluetooth Technology is a kind of open specification for wireless data and voice, It is basic on low cost short-range radio link, and it can build a wireless link for immobile and mobile device.
19) We describe the importance of shadow fading loss in the radio link budget of WCDMA in this article. We also analyze the ways to calculate it and to understand it.
20) The second was answered by the result being passed over a radio link, usually in voice, upwards to a headquarters, to be plotted by hand on a map.
21) The main results for spectra analysing are outlined. The statistics is useful for designing radio link, adaptive power control and radar tracking.
22) Bluetooth Technology is a kind of open specification for wireless data and voice. It bases on low cost short -range radio link, and it can build a wireless link for fixed and mobile device.
23) The proposed algorithm develops an error-free credit-based fair queuing (CBFQ) for the multi-rate medium with AMC at the radio link layer.
24) I've seen remote villages in the Solomon Islands with a packet radio link to another island for their internet access.
25) With an endurance of 30 minutes at approximately 60 miles per hour, the WASP will be able to conduct surveillance along a 30-mile flight path, relaying video images via radio link to a ground station.
26) In order to perform these high data rates, we need a better and better radio link.
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