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Quality requirements in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2020-11-11Updated:2020-11-11
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1. Clarify design, manufacturing, and quality requirements to the suppliers.
2. Secondly, the quality requirements for packaging products.
3. Ensure that the customer's quality requirements and arrival time.
4. Those recorders still fall short of the quality requirements.
5. In this paper the manufacturing procedure, quality requirements and cautionary items of chrome-tanned corrected grain yellow cow leather were discussed and summarized.
6. It also critical, different quality requirements can choose what kind of vendor.
7. Many such sites have quality requirements, but even - and - shoot cameras offer ever increasing quality.
8. Train and instruct operators in assembly procedures and quality requirements.
9. Current design guidelines on quality requirements such as tolerance specifications are available from classification society rules or military standards.
10. The performance and quality requirements of deep - sub - micron and manometer ICs are greatly challenging the semiconductor materials.
11. Quality requirements, cost control, progress schedule and execution supervision that the owner demands can be reflected in the lump -sum contract.
12. Integrate CTP device by following procedure , meet quality requirements and deliver device on time.
13. The quality requirements on Si wafer for modern ULSI, research progress on CZ Si crystal growth technology and wafer processing, the market situation and prospect were outlined.
14. According to product quality requirements and tolerance regulations, a model of the theory of unit manufacturing quality control is obtained.
15. These checks are ongoing, ensuring that companies maintain the stringent quality requirements.
16. This thesis discussed Dynamic Balancing Hot-Press Machine acceptance criteria related process quality, precision design and error compensation, to ensure that products meet quality requirements.
17. The preparation of high purity crystalline maltose was studied following the quality requirements specified in the Japanese Pharmacopeia.
18. Train new operator of quality standards to ensure relevant quality requirements understood properly.
19. However, there is also the opportunity for a manufacturer to determine water quality requirements, different from those in the USP, based on specific product characteristics and processing operations.
20. The casting process of an aluminum ingot mold, with simple structure and high quality requirements, was introduced; it is a casting export to the United States.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. The data analyst should participate in this process to ensure high-level data quality requirements are included.
22. Shells of wet tantalum capacitor by deep drawing have been unable to meet quality requirements because the seizing tumour appears easily during deep drawing.
23. The strengthening of the concept of human ecology, makes the quality requirements for space environment higher and higher, and the natural ecological murals is increasingly valued by modern man.
24. Therefore, the top ten brands of mainstream consumer groups paint, is still very high quality requirements for WellPoint, have some spending power of people.
25. Surrounded by metal laminating and silk are the same with a high quality requirements.
26. In the paper, the discolouration phenomenon of silver-plating layer and its mechanism are ex pounded. Furthermore, the anti-discolouration processes and its quality requirements are proposed.
27. And then the approximate analysis that takes into account imperfect power control, activity factors and different quality requirements is used to analyze the system capacity.
28. In this way, we can achieve the final color printing quality requirements.
29. To coordinate and monitor the suppliers for supplying materials to site the quality requirements.
30. It is suggested that the technical standards, the design specifications, the job specifications, and the quality requirements, be worked out as soon as possible.
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