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Pulverized coal in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2021-01-13Updated:2021-01-13
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1. Almost all large modern coal fired boilers utilize pulverized coal because pulverized coal burns approximately like oil or gas.
2. Calculation showed that the isothermal combustion temperature of pulverized coal furnace and the fluidized bed temperature decreased when the steam load produced by the bark increased.
3. The paper analyze and outline the process of pulverized coal milling system with intermediate storage bunker, and introduce system's operation.
4. The pulverized coal-air flow ignition limit is mainly influenced by such parameters as initial temperature, ignition source temperature, coal rank and the fineness of the pulverized coal.
5. It is an important measure to increase the pulverized coal injection(PCI) to reduce the coke ratio and production cost of hot metal.
6. When the pulverized coal blended with petroleum coke is burned in the boiler, the combustion characteristics would becomecomplicate, even the combustion efficiency of boiler would decline.
7. The structure of unconsumed pulverized coal is different from that of coke according to petrographical microanalysis.
8. The pulverized coal mass rate increases as the gas flow rate increases.
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9. The way to judge pulverized coal combustion stability is developed.
10. Pulverized coal ash is hydraulically filled on ground of Zishan.
11. By mixing pulverized coal ash with caustic lime in a drop tube furnace tests were conducted for enhancing SO 2 removal rate.
12. Pulverized coal ash utilization rate is very low in Hunan Low grade anthracite - fired power plant.
13. The pulverized coal injection rate measurement data is contaminated by lots of random error.
14. The concentration distribution of pulverized coal in primary air pipe is very important for advancing efficiency of boiler.
15. The results(indicated) that the approximate analysis of the pulverized coal changed to different degrees, and the particle size distribution mainly depended on the coal rank but not the HGI.
16. The calculation of carbon content of unconsumed pulverized coal in the dust under different PCI rate was carried out based on microscopic and chemical analysis results.
17. The higher flame temperature might facilitate the use of normal Pulverized coal sizes.
18. Results show that the smaller the particle size of pulverized coal, the greater the porous volume, the lower the burning temperature, and the higher the burn-away rate.
19. This paper shows existence major problem and provides reform envisagement through the analysis of automatic combustion control system of pulverized fuel boiler flowing pulverized coal by hot air.
20. This paper deduced the equations of the mass balance of boiler furnace of mixing burning of endless grate with pulverized coal and gas heat balance equations between its upper part and lower part.
21. Compared with conventional system, the system for conveying and combustion of high density pulverized coal has obvious advantages is aspects of transportation, combustion stabilization.
22. This relation was then used to develop the principal factor method for the optimization of pulverized coal fired boiler operation.
23. Discharged from the air preheater hot air is divided into two units: a go Coal drying and conveying of pulverized coal, and the other shares directly into the combustion chamber .
24. The design method was put up according to the base steam load when the character of the combined combustion boiler was taken into account of bark CFB and pulverized coal firing.
25. This paper is to take the test model of a 1MW pulverized coal furnaces of four wall- tangentially -fired as the research subject.
26. The application experiment of the mixing combustion technology with mud on pulverized coal furnace was introduced.
27. The circulating fluid bed technology is used to gasify cheap pulverized coal, and by rational organization of the process flow the production cost of urea can be decreased.
28. The induction heating oil-free ignition burner can quickly heat heteromorphic metallic passage to meet the requirement for stable combustion of pulverized coal air flow.
29. The principal factor method is simple and practical and is especially appropriate for medium sized pulverized coal fired boilers in China and is useful for other types of boilers.
30. In view of the problem of slag bonding of pulverized coal heating furnace, the paper analyzed the formation of slag deposits and discussed the measure of preventing and reducing slag deposits.
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