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Profit center in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2019-10-07Updated:2019-10-07
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(1) Singles are a promotional item, not a profit center.
(2) In short, how do you make MU a profit center while achieving its corporate objectives?
(3) This is a significant profit center for these companies due to the high mark -up charged to the shipper.
(4) An investment center is a profit center for which management has been given decision-making responsibility for making significant capital investments related to the center's business activities.
(5) Together, they pioneered the world's first profit center.
(6) By contrast to a cost center, a profit center has control over both cost and revenue and it would be concerned with marketing its goods as well as producing them.
(7) Profitability Analysis, alongside Profit Center Accounting ( EC- PCA), is one of the application components for profitability accounting.
(8) Such goods must be priced so that the profit center manager has incentives to trade with other unite when it is in the organization's best interests.
(9) For a little piece of rubber, at $29(, they are amusingly expensive -- a great little profit center for Apple.
(10) That makes extended warranties, which can cost anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars, a big profit center for retailers and a pretty useless expense for consumers.
(11) The Jatropha plant is sort of like hemp.Growing it allows these poor farmers to take what was unusable land and turn it into a profit center.
(12) So in this part, I bend myself to making up a cost management system to fit for the profit center system.
(13) Foreign invested enterprises generally operate soundly and are highly profitable in China and many have become the growth point and profit center of their parent company's global business.
(14) RubyFringe, then - the conference with big heart and a solid execution plan - embraces the punk rock, DIY ethos by choosing not to see Rails developers as a profit center.
(15) Controllable income is the excess of contribution margin over fixed costs controlled by the profit center.
(16) According to certain standard, enterprises have any kind of organization forms can all be divided into budget responsibility networks composed of investment center, profit center and cost center.
(17) The key point is to create new commercial model and profit center.
(18) But publishers across ages have recognized that the Bible can be a profit center.
(19) What are your projected profits and cash flows for the next five years for this profit center?
(20) If you act on every bit of noise that causes a moment's worry, you'll do a good job of turning your portfolio into a profit center for your broker. But you won't be doing your own returns any favors.
(21) Enterprises should transfer insurable risk management from service center to profit center to enhance their competitiveness.
(22) But as more people began to use debit cards, the banks started to view overdraft fees as a major profit center and started to automatically enroll debit card holders into an overdraft program.
(23) The single-aisle jet market hardly grabs the headlines, but it is the most important profit center for jet makers.
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