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Processing time in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2019-11-27Updated:2019-11-27
Similar words: processingreprocessingpreprocessingword processingprocessing lineprocessing unitdata processingfile processingMeaning: n. the time it takes to complete a prescribed procedure. 
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1. Again he froze it with a quick stare, and was able to repeat this process time and again.
2. Therefore firms may respond to high-paced information change by constraining search process time.
3. Processing times are also much reduced due to the lists of words being shorter than the lists of grams.
4. Certification link user and machine database update processing time in microseconds.
5. It takes processing time into account besides the deadline and resource requirement of the task sets in order to reduce scheduling backtracks and increase effectiveness.
6. By using little trapeziform AOI, the image processing time is reduced and the reliability of lane detection is improved.
7. A manufacturer can save valuable processing time by bringing a reaction to equilibrium more rapidly.
8. The additional processing time and space requirements on the service processor to manage the queuing environment will have a performance and capacity impact on the provider.
9. This could facilitate the overall processing time of your application.
10. Average processing time spent per logging request in microseconds.
11. It takes more processing time to tie particular packets to particular applications.
12. The static prediction method is to measure the processing time of actuators' movement when the turbine unit is under stationary state, and then predict the load rejection highest rising speed.
13. Uncertain processing time was represented by interval numbers. The objective was to minimize the weighted sum of penalty possibility for jobs due to earliness or tardiness.
14. We know that the operation processing time length in a schedule can be calculated through critical path of the corresponding chart.
14. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. The amount of processing time in microseconds used to process pre - certification requests.
16. Transaction processing time is less than 30 seconds, compared with three minutes before using the technology.
17. In a multiprocessing environment, the processing time for a thread is related to the availability of system resources and synchronization with other threads.
18. Chapter 3. Job processing time being a decreasing function of the starting time scheduling problems.
19. With the assumption that the component processing time is exponential distribution, components' average queueing time in the system was calculated by queueing theory.
20. Only 24 percent said the slowdown in building activity had freed up enough planners and inspectors to speed up processing time.
21. Retraining of the network to adapt to changes in the operating environment requires only processing time and new data.
22. The server has to respond to the request and figure out a response to populate the content-length response header, so you don't save any processing time.
23. In reality, throughput is affected by a large number of variables including message arrival rate, message processing time, multiprocessing and scheduling, and resource constraints.
24. But the inhibitation reduces when H _ 2 O _ 2 concentration and processing time adds.
25. When an intensional node-set is used for the third time, it is stored extensionally, trading memory for processing time.
26. Common region labeling algorithms often cannot meet the requirement of processing image at real-time because of the limitation of processing time and memory space.
27. Results show that hot metal rephosphorization occurs with the advance of processing time.
28. A higher priority tells the operating system to give more processing time to your application.
29. But as the output variables and the prime implicant grow up, both the long processing time and the resource requirement become the major problems to be resolved with the extraction method.
30. Increasing the reliability of cron scheduled job processing by eliminating errors caused by variations in processing time.
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