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Process planning in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2019-11-07Updated:2019-11-07
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1. The process planning of the end shield on the special motor was explained.
2. ... functions of drawing pictures, automatic process planning, automatic programming NC sheet, ...
3. The process planning for the task of transgenosis manipulation is designed aiming at characteristics of the micro visual servo based micromanipulator.
4. The computer aided process planning system DZCAPP is a comprehensive method of sample method and generating method for automatic process planning.
5. A twin - screw process planning is completed using this system.
6. The concurrent process of design and process planning of parts is decomposed and reorganized based on feature. The real-time concurrence of design and process planning of parts is implemented.
7. Ina CAPP system in process planning of welding parts and spares for heavy machine is introduced.
8. Finally, an example of process planning using HFMCAPP system for half - shaft part is given.
9. CAM functions around four main areas: numerical control, process planning, robotics(, and factory management.
10. Computer Aided Process Planning ( CAPP ) is always the important focus of the manufacturing.
11. The architecture of a virtual reality based assembly process planning and training system is described.
12. For the central module of process planning in MES, defines the expert system to realize the function.
13. The computer aided process planning - core is knowledge - engineering becomes the mainstream since the last of 1980's.
14. Process planning is a typical workflow.
15. Friction and springback are key of making process planning and process parameter and die design.
16. NC process planning based on features can be divided into three parts, which are automatic sequential operation planning based on features, machining parameters compilation and NC tool-path planning.
17. The system was composed of C/S and B/S mixed distributed computer architecture, in which welding process planning could be dealt with among all relating departments for enterprise.
18. The results of paper provides basis for material selecting and process Planning in actual superplastic bulging.
19. This paper introduced the knowledge based system framework of multistage cold extrusion process planning.
20. Using case - based reasoning ( CBR ) technology, a reasoning system of product - oriented process planning information is developed.
21. Computer - aided tool selection ( CATS ) has been a vital element in computer - aided process planning ( CAPP ) systems.
22. A new method for optimal concurrent process tolerancing is proposed. In the stage of structure design for a product, the information related to the process planning is used.
23. This paper introduces the method that applies the code knowledge into cold extrusion process planning and transforms the information into feature code for the parts.
24. Using the CAPP system can raise the design ability, shorten the process planning cycle, be suitable for the need of the more variety for our products, and improve the quality of the products.
25. Finally, the proposed method is verified by the design process planning of a transmission. (2) We propose a Swarm Intelligent based Scatter Search method (SISS).
26. In view of the difficulty in processing inside spherical zone, the method of processing forming cutters is introduced and the cutter designing and the process planning are also explained.
27. First this paper structures the sub-task dividing strategy of process planning, Then the problems for the existence of fixed program reasoning in expert system are analyzed.
28. The method of linear weighted sum id proposed to solve multi-objective optimization of process tolerances so as to bring into full play the subjective initiative of technologists for process planning.
29. The knowledge representation methods and fuzzy reasoning mechanism of a extrusion process planning system were researched.
30. The concurrent process of CAD/CAPP is decomposed and re organized based on feature. The design, process planning and manufacturability evaluation of parts is implemented based on feature.
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