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Primary winding in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2021-11-06Updated:2021-11-06
Similar words: primary industryprimary marketprimaryprimary beneficiaryprimary taskprimary careprimary airprimary keyMeaning: n. coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit. 
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1. The current in the primary winding is induced by the rotating magnet.
2. The primary winding is with oil-paper capacity insulation structure.
3. Ignition coil primary winding. Current flow through the coil produces an electromagnetic field, which is used to induce a high voltage in the secondary coil.
4. The terminal P2 of the primary winding is used as the static contact in the switch cabinet and it is with contact box.
5. Situated within the coil's primary winding is the secondary winding.
6. He then halved the primary winding, using one-half in the plate circuit and the other half in the cathode circuit.
7. The unbalanced degrees of current in primary winding under different load conditions are discussed, which are based on the general expressions of negative phase sequence current.
8. It is composed of a primary winding, secondary winding and core of soft iron.
9. A supply voltage can be supplied at the primary winding and the transformer provides a current and a voltage at the secondary windings.
10. This flux does no link with the primary winding and is therefore not a mutual flux.
11. The network at the primary side comprises two primary winding halves between which a capacitor is series connected.
12. Considering the conditions as voltage at primary winding,[sentence dictionary] shortcircuit forces of windings and turns for transformer were calculated with FEM coupling circuit method under the 2D symmetrical model.
13. Unfortunately, a substantial proportion of modern mains transformers have either twin primary windings, or a tapped winding.
14. The current transformer is fully enclosed structure. The terminal P1 of the primary winding is as the static contact of the switch cabinet and placed inside the epoxy-resin insulation cavity.
15. The strength calculation method and the structure of current transformer with U primary winding to fulfil the dynamic stability requirements are introduced, and some calculating examples are given.
16. Both theoretical analysis and simulation prove that rationally designed leakage reactance of the primary winding can play a role of balancing reactor.
17. The using ratio of the electric energy is greatly raised by using the feedback energy from the primary winding of the high frequency transformers.
18. The High Tension (HT) voltage is produced by mutual induction between the primary winding and the secondary winding, and the central soft iron core intensifies the magnetic field between them.
19. If the primary current of the transformer flows into the dotted end of the primary winding , the sencondary current will flow out of the dotted end of the secondary winding .
20. The electronic control unit allows current to flow through the ignition coil primary winding until it senses a triggering voltage pulse from the speed sensor, or pickup coil.
21. With consideration of ST's insulation and volume, the parameter of ST was determined by the theory analysis and computation of the primary winding.
22. The harmonic compensation currents proportional to the harmonic current in the primary winding, which is detected real-timely, are injected to the multiple secondary winding of the transformer.
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