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Predictive value in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2020-01-14Updated:2020-01-14
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1 The predictive value of this new method of analysis has still to be proven.
2 More research is needed to improve the predictive value of the tests.
3 Dreams, even vivid ones, have little predictive value.
4 To assess the predictive value of these features we undertook prospective surveillance of patients at high risk of primary melanoma.
5 Conclusions are often discordant, however, and the predictive value of the results is often difficult to assess from the data.
6 Not only is the predictive value of the signal enriched by learning, but the characteristics of the signal are also enriched.
7 Although its predictive value has not been proved, it warrants urgent evaluation.
8 Objective:To investigate the predictive value of non stress test(NST) to the outcome of perinatals in idiopathic oligohydramnios pregnancies.
9 The errors between predictive value and the actual value were calculated, and their causes were analyzed.
10 To evaluate the predictive value of morphology of superficial depression in estimation of histology and invasive depth in colorectal neoplasia by using magnifying chromo-endoscopy.
11 Second, in practice, the predictive value of human genomes turns out to be low.
12 Availability, cost, and predictive value limit the usefulness of antibody testing.
13 Objective To investigate the predictive value of pulse pressure to stroke in hypertensive patients.
14 We assessed the predictive value of the fulcrum bending radiograph in the context of alternate-level pedicle screw fixation of the scoliotic spine.
15 Objective To evaluate the predictive value of tuberculin test and serum anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibody detection for diagnosis of adult pulmonary tuberculosis.
16 To evaluate the predictive value of cervical length and width in preterm delivery in asymptomatic nulliparous women.
17 Future estimates will probably prove more reliable and have more predictive value.
18 While it is possible to identify accurately those patients in low-risk groups the positive predictive value of many tests remains poor.
19 However, by taking such a high cut-off point the specificity and positive predictive value of the test were reduced.
20 More positive results were found, however , leading to a lower positive predictive value.
21 Objective To investigate the effect of placental isoferritin (PLF) activation on pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation and its earlier predictive value.
22 According to simulation results of shutdown and restart process,[] the BP neural network algorithm is applied to calculate predictive value of shutdown time.
23 The authors expect further declines in NLR as surgeons and obstetricians gain confidence in the negative predictive value of anormal appendix visualized by MR imaging.
24 CONCLUSION: The RCI GM (1, 1)model is better than that of GM (1, 1) for improving the modelling and predictive value of malaria forecasting model.
25 Elevated baseline CRP and SAA levels revealed the highest predictive value for response.
26 Other reliable indicators of lymph node status on MR were a lobulated or spiculated border (21% sensitivity and 46.4% positive predictive value).
27 For polymorphonuclear leucocytes count of gram stained cervical smear, the sensitivity was 23.1%, specificity 84.5%, positive predictive value (PPV) 7.7% and negative predicative value (NPV) 93.8%.
28 The procedure can shorten the duration of time needed to produce reactivity and the frequency of nonreactive NSTs, without compromising the predictive value of a reactive NST.
29 Objective : To explore mathematical relation of sensitivity and specificity, likelihood ratio, predictive value in diagnostic test.
30 The sensitivity of ultrasound was 93% and specificity was 100% with a positive predictive value of 100% and negative predictive value of 99% for the detection of haemothorax after trauma.
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