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Power spectrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2022-07-28Updated:2022-07-28
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(1) Similarly, we can obtain an estimate for the power spectrum on scales from bulk-flow studies.
(2) Classification of multi - signal power spectrum estimate.
(3) Statistic approaches and power spectrum modeling are adopted to restore the images degraded by random medium. Atmospheric optical transfer function(OTF) based on statistic model is discussed first.
(4) Power Spectrum analysis is always used in spectrum analysis of cavitation noise. However, it is obviously unfit for research on the transient signal such as cavitation noise.
(5) Through the analysis of the power spectrum of the headway, it is clear that there are variations of noise and wide apices.
(6) The G-tilt power spectrum and the residual variance of tilted tracking as functions of the outer scale of turbulence are deduced theoretically.
(7) A new synthesis method of baseband echo power spectrum, which adopts Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology[], reduces greatly the clock rate and data memory.
(8) Then the influence on the average power spectrum and bispectrum of specklegrams caused by the photon noise, additive noise and more complex noises of other kinds in the detecting system .
(9) The filter is put on the power spectrum before applying the inverse Fourier transform to yield the correlation output. This technique can be used in pattern recognition of grey level input image.
(10) The mathematical model of Fourier power spectrum is derived. The relations between the resolving power of the test chart and the critical maximum are defined through t...
(11) The auto power spectrum of phase function commonly has two extreme frequencies, and the corresponding frequency components decide the peak characteristics of phase function.
(12) This approach bases on the cross power spectrum estimation and phase compensation filtering.
(13) Firstly, the initial noise power spectrum NPS is estimated by computing the statistical average of the silent segments.
(14) A few common periods in the series of residual latitude (O-C) of four stations in China have been found by means of maximum entropy power spectrum, periodogram and least square fit methods.
(15) The absolute summability of autocorrelation sequence imposes only the continuity constraint on the power spectrum.
(16) The simulation results showed that after shifting the input frequency to a small one[Sentencedict], the output power spectrum peaks of the bistable system were strongly enhanced at this frequency.
(17) The flow field of the precessing jet is obtained by a hot wire anemometer at the nozzle exit and the precession frequency is identified from a power spectrum density analysis to the velocity signal.
(18) By DEMON we can get more and stabler line spectrum information than by LOFAR, which is to make power spectrum analysis of signal directly. Several demodulation methods are introduced and compared.
(19) Zero-crossing detector is capable of predicting the shape changes of power spectrum so as to find the newly emerged moving sound sources in ambient noise.
(20) It thus suggests that under the parasympathetic blockade, LFP in power spectrum can objectively be used as a quantitative marker of peripheral sympathetic nerve activities.
(21) It is shown that the phase noise spectrum density shift periodicity with the length of external cavity and the peak value of power spectrum density varies considerably with the feedback coupling rate.
(22) In this paper, two methods of energy in part and rational power spectrum are presented for establishing random ocean state model conveniently and efficiently.
(23) Power spectral density deduction and analysis were made to show that the power spectrum of DS-UWB signal was governed by pulse spectrum and code spectrum.
(24) In terms of the frequency spectrum analysis method of stationary stochastic process, the frequency domain character can be identified by power spectrum of signals.
(25) The article calculates the mean square root values of pulse noise, observational dynamic range and power spectrum of ground noise of all seismic station bases.
(26) A new operational analysis method named frequency domain decomposition was built based on outputting power spectrum.
(27) Its properties are analyzed, such as code efficiency, error Bit rate, power spectrum, the acquisition probability of the first frame marker.
(28) Comparison of these two methods show that periodogram method is superior to the AR model, in point of the stability of peak and distributing of the power spectrum.
(29) Utilizing a high contrast liquid crystal light valve (LCLV) to perform joint power spectrum nonlinear processing, real time nonlinear joint transform correlation is implemented.
(30) A study is made on the energy spectrum estimation approach based on Gaussian- chirplet-transform, which is superior to conventional power spectrum estimation in local fault diagnosis for gear.
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