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Power frequency in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2022-06-08Updated:2022-06-08
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1, Power frequency magnetic field immunity test.
2, Section 8: Power frequency magnetic field immunity test.
3, Insulator should withstand power frequency voltage, switchingvoltage and lightning impulse voltage, shouldn't flashover under pollution.
4, High power frequency changing water cooled spindle, can process hard materials efficiently.
5, The effects of power frequency homogeneous magnetic field (PFHMF) on apoptosis and proliferation of normal and tumor cells are studied and compared in this thesis.
6, The traditional method to remove power frequency interference is to use a notch filter or adaptive filter.
7, It is pointed out that power frequency electromagnetic field is inductive field, but not radiation field.
8, Make ADS 7864 as the main chip of power frequency parameters of power transmission line measure system.
9, The discharging curves for power frequency voltage and lightning impulse voltage are measured and its fluctuation range caused by variation of air condition is found.
10, The relationship between power frequency overvoltage and system operation mode is investigated.
11, Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) - Part 4 - 28 : Testing and measurement techniques - Variation of power frequency, immunity test.
12, This method can effectively compensate the current error caused by magnetizing current at power frequency.
13, In this paper, the phase locking technique is adopted to achieve the steady alternation between variable frequency and power frequency, and to prevent the impact of over-current in cut-over process.
14, The descriptive statistics for body weight normalized strength, normalized peak EMG, time to onset, time to peak, median frequency, mean power frequency, and frequency bands were calculated.
15, Different on-site test methods are Compared, and it is shown that power frequency series resonant circuit is relatively simple and feasible, and is therefore preferable.
16, The decrease in muscle fibre action potential conduction velocity(MCV) and electromyographic mean power frequency(MPF) has been reported by many researchers.
17, The testing voltage of the secondary winding of transformer has to be 80% stipulated testing voltage while repeated power frequency voltage with-stand test needed.
18, In this paper,[ frequency.html] a phase difference correction method is presented to correct the power frequency. This method has strong anti-disturbance capability by theoretical analysis and simulation.
19, For Shanghai power grid, which has large short circuit capacity and short electrical distance, a method using imported instrument to test power frequency variation distance protection is presented.
20, A 50 Hz band - stop filter ( notch ) is designed to restrain the power frequency interference further.
21, It is suggested that the influence of the system impedance and the parallel resistance on power frequency recovery volt...
22, KP4003A high voltage power supply is the use of high-voltage transformer to power frequency voltage boost to the required voltage for different static elimination product.
23, The test results in this paper show that ZnO arrestor unit with a series gap for transmission lines is able to cut off power frequency current quickly before the circuit breaker operate.
24, Design a kind of intellectualized instrument, which can automatically measure power frequency parameters power transmission line.
25, In this paper, discharge characteristics such as amplitude, repetition rate, phase, symmetry and so on were extracted from power frequency discharge images to analyze the insulation defects.
26, In addition, an adjustable resistor is connected in series in the series loop of the sensing unit and the inclusive unit to realize the fine regulation to the power frequency impedance.
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