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Political sphere in a sentence

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Similar words: political systempolitical sciencepolitical scientistpoliticalpoliticallyapoliticalnonpoliticalgeopoliticalMeaning: n. a sphere of intense political activity. 
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1. This orientation to the political sphere conditions internal management organization and culture.
2. The gains to be made in the political sphere are, as Chapter S will show, more ambiguous and contradictory.
3. The inclusion of the subordinate classes in the political sphere is very partial.
4. They are manifest above all in the political sphere.
5. In the political sphere and the ideological and cultural fields, the conflict between freedom of expression and order is the most typical.
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6. Prominent revolutionary women were visible in the political sphere until immediately after the Civil War.
7. In the political sphere, the husband is the representative of the interests of the family, his wife the right to exercise the proxy by her husband.
8. An instance of this habit in the political sphere is seen in the pot-house politician.
9. In political sphere, people can overcome the dilemma of collective action because of some special mechanisms.
10. He drew attention to the difference between exchanges in the market and in the political sphere.
11. Modern bureaucracies had also developed partly as a result of democratic tendencies in the political sphere.
12. Perhaps of greater significance, labourism influenced abstinence from the formal political sphere.
13. Other values from different spheres of activity were transposed to the political sphere to justify the move.
14. In so doing I depart somewhat from studies of working-class involvement in the formal political sphere during the twentieth century.
15. This is the only way in which a strategy for the political sphere can be developed.
16. Over these thirteen days, we have learned that no one supports corporations' disproportionate influence in the political sphere.
17. Although it is still dominated by elites and their patronage networks, the Nigerian political sphere is wide open.
18. Institutions devised to control and discipline the behavior of executives in the foreign political sphere can give new insights into how to improve corporate governance.
19. But the development of the administrative structures and the bureaucracy of the imperial period increased the amount and role of writing in the political sphere.
20. Samuel Huntington used to emphasize that, if EU could integrate successfully in political sphere, the world would be led by EU in the 21st century.
21. Such an appraisal necessarily led to putschism in the political sphere.
22. Why do changes in its structure necessarily spread to the political sphere?
23. Comparing the General Programme of the draft Constitution with that of the existing Constitution, we can see many changes, especially in the political sphere.
24. A self-regulating market demands nothing less than the institutional separation of society into an economic and political sphere.
25. Just as there was a struggle in the years from 1800 to 1830 between liberals and conservatives in the political sphere, so there was a similar clash in the field of ideas.
26. Habermas investigates the late capitalism"s legitimacy crisis with the applying of communicative rationality on the political sphere."
27. Of the two propositions stated above, the first may be correct in the political sphere, but it is incorrect when transposed to the military sphere.
28. After petitions reached a peak in China between 2002 and 2004, the academic community and political sphere fell apart on the issue of future development of China's petition system.
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