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Polar coordinates in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
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1. We carry out a transformation to spherical polar coordinates.
2. I mean usually you will switch to polar coordinates either because the region is easier to set up.
3. And lofting with polar coordinates method can break through localization of deflection angle method.
4. And I would like to switch that to polar coordinates.
5. Say, polar coordinates. Let's say that I have a function but is defined in terms of the polar coordinate variables on theta.
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6. The measurement equation is linear in polar coordinates but is nonlinear in cartesian coordinates.
7. Understand what the differences are between polar coordinates and the Cartesian plane.
8. Ignition control algorithm is based on the polar coordinates, which can take full advantage of the motors, and regulate the direction of the direct force.
9. Making use of the polar coordinates and vector-algebra carried out the universal formula of the magnetic induction intensity at the focus of the polar coordinates plane curve electric current.
10. So, when you go to polar coordinates, basically all you have to remember on the side of integrate is that x becomes r cosine theta. y becomes r sine theta.
11. Applying these results for the Schwarzschild metric when using spherical polar coordinates gives.
12. Since the profile curved shape, it's much easier mathematically to use as as polar coordinates.
13. The transition curve is a familiar curve form. And lofting with polar coordinates method can break through localization of deflection angle method.
14. And, of course, we know also how to set up these integrals in polar coordinates.
15. But, generally speaking, the kinds of regions that we will be setting up things for are no more complicated or no less complicated than what we would do in the plane in polar coordinates.
16. No,I don't think we could actually find the center of mass in polar coordinates by finding the average of R or the average of theta.
17. In terms of the Schrodinger equation, we now can write it in terms of our polar coordinates here.
18. In the B-mode sector scan ultrasonic imaging system, the raw image is in polar coordinates, therefore, it is main tasks of image pre-processing to achieve image coordinate transform and interpolation.
19. The unitary iris image is carried out through the transformation from Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates.
20. So the idea of spherical coordinate is you're going to polar coordinates again in the rz plane.
21. OK, so you know about cylindrical coordinates z where we have the z coordinates stay z, and the xy plane we do R and theta polar coordinates.
22. OK, so I'm not going to do it but problem two in the practice exam is a good example of doing something in polar coordinates.
23. But, if it's like a circle or a half circle, or things like that, then even if a problem doesn't tell you to do it in polar coordinates you might want to seriously consider it.
24. A fast state estimation method is presented based on equivalent current measurements in polar coordinates using the varied kinds of measurements provided by SCADA system.
25. That's in line with the idea that we are just doing again, polar coordinates in the rz directions.
26. A method is presented to describe dynamic response curves in the polar coordinates and it is very suitable for the angular position control systems.
27. If my solid is actually just going to be round then I might want to use polar coordinates.
28. OK, the right way to do this will be to integrate it in polar coordinates.
29. Another reason I wanted to point this out in terms of the polar coordinates that we're using, is I think they're actually flipped from what you're used to seeing in physics.
30. Since the profile is a curved shape, it's much easier mathematically to use what are known as as polar coordinates.
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