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Poker game in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2020-05-14Updated:2020-05-14
Similar words: computer gamepokerpoker handstud pokerpoker facebergamotpoker-facedwar gameMeaning: n. any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand. 
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1, Lon and I play in the same weekly poker game.
2, He was cleared out in the poker game.
3, I took him for 10 pounds at the poker game.
4, Steve won the poker game with a full house.
5, In any market, as in any poker game, there is a fool.
6, Intervention is not like a poker game where you can fold early; having gambled, you have to stick it out.
7, I won him in a poker game, taught him to sing.
8, At least, point us to that supermodel poker game.
9, Laurent got in a poker game one night at Goodlett's house and got into Goodlett for about $ 5,000.
10, This is a poker game, This is kind of Ha Ling rules of the game.
11, The family was at a poker game, around a round table; all the furniture was Chinese - style .
12, We had a poker game at my place.
13, My father met my mother in a poker game. He said she was the BEST bluffer he'd ever seen.
14, I hold a nightly poker game in the back, big money game.
15, He was sharing a nocturnal poker game with out - of - town cronies from another utility.
16, You don't have to play the usual strip poker game - there are thousands of games out there.
17, In a stud poker game, you can put a couple of chips in the pot and receive two cards, one hidden and one exposed.
18, My father met my mother in a poker game.
19, Bretton Woods I is often compared to a poker game.
20, In the poker game of life, women are the rake.
21, The events of 1971 assume the proportions of a small-town poker game in comparison to the speculation of February and March 1973.
22, Through the years,( game.html) Jose prospers until he is shot after winning a lucrative poker game.
23, Above all, what is clear is that this has become a poker game only for those with the steadiest of nerves.
24, It is hedging its bets in the all - important diplomatic poker game.
25, Description: Texas - Texas the most comprehensive language information network poker game.
26, They are capital - shy, like the short stack in a poker game.
27, Tom had no money because his friends cleaned him out in last night's poker game.
28, Haven't you always dreamt of beating all the famous fish in a high stake poker game?
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