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Poisson distribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-12-03Updated:2017-12-03
Similar words: distributionredistributionmaldistributionincome distributionnormal distributiondirect distributionstatistical distributiondistribution channelMeaning: n. a theoretical distribution that is a good approximation to the binomial distribution when the probability is small and the number of trials is large. 
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1. Assuming the number of buckets is large, the Poisson distribution can once more be used as an approximation to the binomial distribution.
2. Aggregation results in mixed or compound Poisson distributions which can not be fitted by standard methods.
3. The Calligonum mongolicum population shows a Poisson distribution pattern.
4. The results indicate that both binomial distribution and Poisson distribution well fit the statistic characteristics of sea spike under lower false-alarm probability.
5. Highly attenuated laser pulses with Poisson distribution are used as single-photon sources and the BB84 and B92 protocols are used for free-space quantum key distribution.
6. Meanwhile supposing the consumption is subject to poisson distribution, ordering postpone time as a constant, and single article in stock.
7. Under the failing firm working in compliance with Poisson distribution at any time, it is emphasizing analyzed that the critical level of the merger and divestment phase.
8. The second is to regard the Poisson distribution as a Gaussian distribution approximately.
9. In the measurement of low-level radioactivity, instead of Poisson distribution, a negative binomial distribution is proposed to denote the probability distribution of actual counts.
10. Next, it has a form of compound Poisson distribution when claim amount is Logrithmic.
11. Confidence intervals for incidence rates were assessed by reference to the Poisson distribution.
12. We assumed that for each participant the occurrence of short spells followed a Poisson distribution.
13. In speech sound statistics, the word occurance deviates from Poisson distribution for random discrete variable.
14. Application for a small - area estimation of breast cancer mortality using Poisson distribution is illustrated.
15. The multiple necking fracture distribution on the circumference yields to random Poisson distribution.
16. It is assumed that a dose response function derived from the statistical poisson distribution can be used to describe the TL dose responses.
17. The results show that this algorithm can effectively advance the task execution efficiency, and the algorithm conforms to compound poisson distribution.
18. The demand rate of the retailer is random variable and submits to Poisson distribution.
19. In the past time many researchers suppose the access of internet traffic is Poisson distribution because of the limit of traffic measure technology and equipment.
20. The results showed that the coherent superposition state brings squeezing effect , bunching effect and super - poisson distribution.
21. If you know what failures look like statistically, they follow a Poisson distribution, aka a bell curve.
22. We furthermore calculate the expectation and variance of random variable, and discuss the approximate value of no-arbitrage price when jump obeying poisson distribution.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. He popularized the law of large numbers of Bernoulli form, the study draws a new distribution is Poisson distribution.
24. This paper presented two fertility rate models, i. e. , lognormal distribution model and Poisson distribution model. Based on these two models, a composite model was proposed.
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