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Pn junction in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2021-06-28Updated:2021-06-28
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(1) The temperature sensor is made of a PN junction. The humidity sensor is made of heated lithium chloride dew point type. The air velocity sensor is omnidirectional.
(2) But linking the two semiconductors, among them the formation of a "PN junction."
(3) Semiconductor diode is a PN junction together with the corresponding client leads and package composition shell.
(4) In this paper, An PN junction etch-stop in an improved TMAH Si-etching solution is reported. The advantages of the process are the precision control of silicon dimension.
(5) A indirect method of measuring semiconductor PN junction characteristic parameters is proposed, and the convergence property of the numerical computational method used in this method is proved.
(6) This paper introduces the PN junction sensor experimental system of temperature developed by the author according to the needs of teaching.
(7) PN junction temperature sensor is used. 16 temperature signs are acquired at the same time. Proceeded data can be indicated, printed or controlled.
(8) The electrochemical etching technique of PN junction etch-stop in alkaline solution KOH is one of foundational methods of fabricating three-dimension silicon microstructures.
(9) The sensitive temperature characteristics of PN junction inverse saturation current is fully utilized to obtain good temperature coefficient and PSRR with simple circuit structure.
(10) This paper introduces the characteristics of PN junction using as TM transducer. Its working principles and application in carrier communication are also described.
(11) This is due to that there is a capacitance across the PN junction.
(12) It's shown that the C-V and I-V characteristics of silicon photovoltaic diode by forward bias are obviously different from forward characteristic of common PN junction diode by experiment.
(13) Based on the relationship between the diffusion current and voltage of PN junction(, the Boltzmann's constant is measured with high accuracy.
(14) The wavelength of light that is the color of light, is formed by the PN junction of the decisions of the material.
(15) PN junction is the foundation of almost all the power devices. The avalanche breakdown voltage of PN junction determines the work voltage range of related power devices.
(16) Series of perfect crystal device technology( PCDT) is used in the device fabrication technologies to reduce the reverse dark current in PN junction of silicon photodetectors.
(17) This video log amplifier is based on a monolithic IC, which is fabricated using PN junction isolation bipolar process by SISC, and all peripheral devices are integrated using hybrid IC process.
(18) Regardless of type NPN or PNP-type tubes, the internal transistor has three areas, namely, the launch area , base, collector area, the three areas form two PN junction.
(19) By the use of temperature characteristic of the semiconductor PN junction thermocouple cold end compensating circuit was designed.
(20) The microwave solid state noise diodes are investigated based on the PN junction avalanche multiplication theory with tunneling penetration.
(21) In order to comprehend schottky gate of organic static induction transistor, chapter two expatiates characteristics of PN junction and schottky junction.
(22) Theoretic analysis results show that the doping concentration and junction depth are main factors for the range of spectrum response of Si color sensor with double PN junction.
(23) This paper presents a well water temperature monitor, and its use of PN junction temperature sensor as temperature components, integrated circuits used for ICL7126 and other A / D converter.
(24) From the experiment results and the normalization results, the surface recombination velocities of silicon pn junction were obtained.
(25) A system of measuring light power and wavelength is designed and fabricated, using Silicon Color Sensor with double PN junction as detector, single chip processor as controller and PC as processor.
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