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Planet gear in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2021-11-13Updated:2021-11-13
Similar words: planetplanetaryplanetoidred planetplane treeminor planetouter planetmajor planetMeaning: n. an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic train. 
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1. Murdock's sun and planet gear to obtain rotary motion from Watt's beam engines.
2. The real-time meshing stiffness of arced planet gear and the meshing stiffness of involute planet gear have mainly been analyzed.
3. The planet gear shafts and the axis holes of the planet gears are connected under an interference fit.
4. NOVELTY - The mechanism has two planet gear shafts (4) whose inner ends are provided in axis holes of planet gears (3).
5. A kid of epicyclical train with its floating planet gear having different functions go along with different selections of driving member was put forward.
6. The differential planet gear train could carry out composition and resolution on movements.
7. Third, the width control uses the planet gear speed reducer.
8. When designing a planet gear box, in the case of gear shifted[], the power must be analyzed to make sure if there are unreasonable and inner circle power.
9. This paper provides a fuzzy optimal design method for the simple 2K H planet gear device according to the basic theory of fuzzy analysis.
10. It provides a new idea for solving other optimization designs of planet gear box.
11. Fixed model analysis focuses on magnetic field distribution and magnetic field intensity between sun gear and planet gear.
12. The contacting line equations between the ball or tooth of the planet gear and the stator helical surface and the ones between that ball and the rotor worm are also given.
13. Composition problem of rotations about parallel axes is often encountered in mechanical engineering. For instance, the planet gear wheel in a planet gear mechanism has plane motion.
14. This paper introduced the production process of an inner tooth ring in tractor planet gear mechanism.
15. In view of the rigid link flexible joint, the industry mechanical arm which actuates by the flexible planet gear, this paper proposed one kind of new modeling and the computational method.
16. ADVANTAGE - The mechanism solves the problem of slipping friction between planet gears and planet gear shafts.
17. By analyzing the operating conditions of 4 gears shafts of Simpson planet gear transmission on Toyota A140E model, the calculating method for rotational speed of different gears is presented.
18. The number of teeth[], modulus and ply of sun gear and the number of planet gear are the parameter of the main scantling of structure in design of planet gear reducer.
19. In The author analyses the average load component of involve planet gear wheel transmission.
20. A roller drive has a topological structure similar to an epicyclic gearing, where both the planet gear and the ring gear have rollers as their teeth.
21. The example shows that the design through the multipurpose optimization made the volume of planet gear mechanism and reel decrease substantially.
22. Aim at the problem, this paper establishes the mathematical model of multipurpose optimization to made hoisting mechanism to occupy minimum space and planet gear to use minimum material.
23. A calculating formula for rotational speed derives from movement characteristic equation of one bank planet gear mechanism.
24. To determine the internal gear pair design parameters of two-stage internal contact involute planet gear reducer all constrained conditions from machining to assembly must be satisfied.
25. Finally the genetic algorithm is applied to obtain the robust reliability solution of closed planet gear, and the result is analyzed.
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