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Phenolic resin in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2023-09-21Updated:2023-09-21
Similar words: phenol resinphenolicphenolicsacrylic resinphenomenologysynthetic resinphenomenologicalphenolMeaning: n. a thermosetting resin. 
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1. Also avoid tinned foods, because the phenolic resin that is used to line the tin can contaminate the food.
2. A phenolic resin was blended with PBT.
3. Phenolic resin modified by melamine and cashew nul shell oil can be used as adhesive for various base materials in brake shoes.
4. Phenolic resin has excellent bond strength, water resistance, durability, acid-resistant and drug-resistant features, excellent performance, which is an excellent adhesive.
5. A manufacturing process of high performance coated sand phenolic resin was introduced.
6. The synthetic technology and conditions of phenolic resin as adhesive of abrasive belt were discussed.
7. The modified phenolic resin was synthesized by using distilled tall oil from paper industrial wastes, the reaction mechanism and the structure of resin was analyzed.
8. FB phenolic resin is one of this new kind of high performance flame retardant resins, having been developed and put into lot production. The flame retardant property of FB resin is described.
9. The modified phenolic resin was synthesized by using catalpa oil provided by Hubei Province, China, and the reaction mechanism and the structure of resin were analysized.
10. The phenolic resin took off first as a superior, easily moldable insulator against heat and electrical current, then as a key material in Art Deco design.
11. Detection of formaldehyde content in epoxy phenolic resin coating for the interal lacquer of food cans by acetylacetone spectrophotometric analysis method was studied.
12. Melamine, cashew nut shell liquid modified phenolic resin is a kind of resin resisting high temperature used in friction materials.
13. The optimum technological conditions of nonyl phenolic resin modified by rosin have been studied.
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14. Benzylic ether phenolic resin is one of the main components of foundry polyurethane binder; its structure and preparation condition determine the performances of polyurethane binder.
15. Resol phenolic resin is one of important resin adhesives in foundry industry.
16. NBR or XNBR as raw rubber and phenolic resin was blended.
17. The invention aims at providing a boron modified phenolic resin binder for refractory materials, which is easy to massively produce and use.
18. The thermoset phenolic resin was synthesized by all the waste water from the former process, paraformaldehyde and phenol.
19. The effect of the character of viscosity-temperature of phenolic resin and viscosity curve of phenolic resin with hardener on the performance of resin coated sand was studied.
20. The principle and test conditions of the determination of hydroxymethyl index for phenolic resin by infrared spectroscopy were introduced.
21. A quick curing liquid adhesive was prepared from rubber and phenolic resin as the main component.
22. The phenolic foam plastic is prepared by foaming of synthetic high active phenolic resin.
23. The acetylacetone spectrophotometric method was applied to determine formaldehyde content in epoxy phenolic resin coating on the internal wall of food can.
24. The new polymer quaternary ammonium salt was synthesized from epoxy phenolic resin via ring-opening reaction with aqueous solution of triethylamine hydrochloride.
25. FEB desalting agent is a series of products from the polymerization of nonyl phenolic resin with epoxy ethane and epoxy propane.
26. In this paper , research progress in the heat resistant modification of phenolic resin was introduced.
27. A magnesite dry refractory ramming material used in tundish lining of electric furnace is researched, with electrically fused magnesite as main raw material and solid phenolic resin as bonding agent.
28. The carbon fabric composites were prepared by dip-coating of the carbon fabric in a phenolic resin and solidified under pressure.
29. Two preparations of bisoxazoline are compared, The principle and properties based on the modification of Phenolic resin and Benzoxazine resin are discussed.
30. Varieties of morphology of carbon nanofibers are attributed to the complexity of coal-tar pitch and phenolic resin.
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