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Phased array in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2023-04-23Updated:2023-04-23
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1 A new developing direction of seeker conformal phased array antenna is given.
2 A new solid - state active weighted phased array radar transmitter is introduced.
3 A novel mission planning algorithm for space surveillance phased array radar systems is presented.
4 With the rapid development of phased array radar technology, a high requirement is given to the radar beam steering system, particularly to fast beam scan steering for a large aperture antenna array.
5 When the phased array coil designed, such problems have to be taken into account as resonant frequency, impedance match, mutual impedance and et al.
6 Test Results of high-range resolution images from a phased array radar in microwave anechoic room are given, which demonstrate the validity of the analysis.
7 It is very important - phase scanning phased array radar to effective distribute energy and time in elevation.
8 Progress of optical phased array ( OPA ) technology based on electro - optic material is summarized.
9 The linear and densely spreading phased array was usedand the probe parameters were optimized by calculation.
10 Compared with traditional ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic phased array probe can realize transition,[] deflection and dynamic focusing of acoustic beam under electronic control.
11 Each electrode of the Liquid Crystal phased array can be controlled separate and can come into being random phase by programming, which is totally different from traditional Liquid Crystal grating.
12 For the phased array antennas, wide - beam of antenna element is the precondition for wide - angle scanning.
13 And those investigations focus on Vitual Image Phased Array , Fiber Solition Transmission, Planar Optical Circuit.
14 Asymmetric ridge waveguide slot array is a novel linear array radiating element for phased array antenna.
15 There is close restraint on The T/R section's size, dimension and weight, which is the key component of Phased Array radar.
16 Variable sampling rate tracking, which is based on nets or grids multi-sensor asynchronous fusion tracking, is an important operating modes in phased array radar.
17 This kind of comparison is necessary in preliminary design of a phased array radar system.
18 Steering the beam direction is the main function of beam steering system of phased array radar, besides[], outline-testing and online-monitoring can be performed by itself.
19 So the development level of optical fiber communication influences the development of optically controlling phased array.
20 The essence of the fact that wideband signal can not be effectively transmitted using narrowband phased array in scenarios with large aperture and scan angle is given.
21 Due to the restriction of aperture effect and the aperture delay, it is difficult for a conventional phased array radar to get wide instantaneous band width under wide scan scope.
22 A temporal - spatial processing method for side look phased array received from air-borne radar is presented.
23 An asymmetric ridge waveguide slot array is a novel linear array radiating element for phased array antenna.
24 The phase shifters already go throughout many item experiments of phased array radar.
25 High-precision ultrasonic transmission phase delay is the key technology in phased array ultrasonic beams.
26 This paper is mainly concern about the technology of radar moving target indication phased array radar.
27 Directivity and main lobe width were compared for the linear phased array acoustic transmitters with amplitude weighting and non-amplitude weighting using numerical examples.
28 In this paper, the working process of radar in track-while-scan is discussed, and an example is given to show how the track-while-scan is realized in a phased array radar.
29 Extensive research regarding the basic principle of the six-bit digital phase shifter used in phased array Radar is carried out in this paper.
30 A new method of improving the real time ratio of phased array radar coherent video simulation is presented, according to the particularity of scheduling of phased array radar.
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