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Phase current in a sentence

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1. The build-up of phase current to its rated value would be too slow for satisfactory operation of the motor at high speeds.
2. The induced voltage leads the phase current by the angle a and lags the applied voltage by 6.
3. How can the supply voltage and consequently the phase current - be increased during acceleration or deceleration?
4. The phase current can not be maintained at its rated value and therefore the torque produced by the motor is reduced.
5. Utilizing flux linkage and phase current, the output torque is calculated, and PID control is used to decrease torque error.
6. Ways of balancing the phase current of an induction motor operating with unbalanced supply and fault diagnostics of the thyristors are discussed.
7. Phase current in motor stator is precisely detected by current detection circuit.
8. Nonlinear model of inductance against rotor position and phase current is constructed. Based on the model, formulae of nonlinear phase current, shearing force and radial force are calculated.
9. The fault phase selectors, including the phase current difference suddenly-change and the sequence current, may misoperate in some cross country faults and conversion faults.
10. Three - phase current protection relay is one of the important forms of protection.
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11. Then using fuzzy algorithm with phase current and flux linkage as inputs, the rotor position can be detected.
12. Based on quasi-linear model, the phase current of the SRM in PWM combined with APC is computed with making programs.
13. This paper proposes a novel principle of segregated phase current differential protection in UHV long distance transmission line with shunt reactor installed in the middle segment.
14. This paper analyses the internal overvoltage and the phase current of grounded wye shunt capacitor bank when there are failures in it, and gives corresponding equations.
15. A novel method which uses the fault phase current characters of shunt reactors to identify permanent faults for single-phase autoreclosure on transmission lines is presented in this paper.
16. Three - phase current should be used for large motors.
17. The total harmonic distortion of phase current is 5.2% in the proposed control, which is less than 10.2% when the speed and current closed-loop control is used.
18. To achieve the precision control of phase current or phase flux linkage in switched reluctance motor (SRM), the higher switching frequency of converter is required to increase dynamic response speed.
19. Moreover(, an improved method is proposed for the phase current reconfiguration on the basis of the direct current circuit.
20. Another consequence of the finite phase winding inductance is that the phase current can not be switched off instantaneously.
21. Effective methods are employed in rotor position computing and transient armature phase current measuring.
22. This thesis analyses and studies - phase voltage source and - phase current source high power factor PWM converter.
23. With the complexity of the control of multiphase machines, a novel control method was proposed in this paper, namely six-phase motor trapezoidal wave phase current control.
24. Dead-time effects can be regarded as a kind of space-vector, which is determined by two factors:sector number and direction of phase current.
25. A novel control method is proposed in this paper, namely six-phase motor trapezoidal wave phase current control.
26. In this paper, the nonlinear magnetization data method is firstly extended from the monophase current system to the poly phase current system, and it is of important significance.
27. Based on quasi-linear model of SR motor, the influences of angle on phase current, output power, energy loss are analyzed. An optimum result of angle is produced in accordance to given target.
28. Using the incremental fuzzy control with self-adapting parameter, the phase current of the switch reluctance motor was optimized, and the constant torque control is implemented.
29. The variables compared include the phase voltage and the phase current of the armature winding, the field current, the load current and the damper bar currents.
30. The torque of switched reluctance motor is a highly non linear function depends on phase current and rotor position, so the torque ripple occurs.
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