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Perfect gas in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2021-06-09Updated:2021-06-09
Similar words: perfect gameperfectperfectedperfecterperfectlyimperfectperfectionperfectiveMeaning: n. a hypothetical gas with molecules of negligible size that exert no intermolecular forces. 
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1. A perfect gas can sustain no shear forces so that the above bulk modulus is the only relevant one.
2. "The truth" is a real conception, and "the absolute truth" like "pure gold", "perfect gas" etc. is an ideal conception.
3. The method employs finite-rate chemistry and thermodynamic perfect gas properties for reaction.
4. In most cases perfect gas conditions are assumed in order to simplify the analysis.
5. The quantity of(CP-CV)of perfect gas isn′t affected by the inner motions of the molecules.
6. Eleven families of analytical solutions of perfect gas unsteady one-dimensional flow with friction, heat transfer and area change are given.
7. The pressure in a perfect gas, being directly proportional to the kinetic energy of the molecules, has a lower bound of zero.
8. In most cases perfect gas conditions are assumed so as to simplify the analysis.
9. At higher temperatures the equation of state becomes better and better approximated by the "perfect gas" law.
10. The "first-time smartphone buyer" is a bit of a mythical creature, like a perfect gas in physics, or a unicorn or jackalope.
11. This paper puts forward that the Entropy Formula of the Mixed Perfect Gas doesn t apply to pure gas, and gives a kind of explanation about Gibbs paradox.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. The Cauchy problem of Euler equations with degenerate linear damping for a perfect gas is studied in this paper, while the initial gas lies in a compact domain.
13. Metal containers have been rarely used for cereals and snack foods due to their cost, despite their perfect gas barrier properties, convenience, and extreme strength.
14. Dissociation and ionization of air bring on lower drag coefficients of the orbiter than that obtained from perfect gas model, while the location of pressure center moves forward.
15. An explicit analytical solution of 1 - D unsteady perfect gas flow with shock area change is derived.
16. By using the kinetic theory, the microscopic mould of the perfect gas adiabatic process is built, the adiabatic process equation is calculated by Maxwell Velocity Distribution.
17. A particle potential energy is introduced to make the model suitable for the perfect gas with arbitrary specific heat ratio.
18. Two sets of analytical solutions of 1-D unsteady isentropic perfect gas flow with area change are given.
19. The state function, entropy, is introduced by the means of a perfect gas behavior, and the second law of thermodynamics is demonstrated based on the first law.
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