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Parameter estimation in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2022-07-11Updated:2022-07-11
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1, Currently the path delay model consists in parameter estimation.
2, The nonlinear parameter estimation technique can simultaneously estimate the thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient and absorbed energy.
3, A line equation based on line parameter estimation algorithm is proposed in this paper.
4, Consequently, parameter estimation has been made in the improved Gauss-Newton method.
5, A parameter estimation algorithm of chirp signal which makes use of the position and magnitude of non zero cyclic spectral peaks to estimate the three parameters is presented.
6, The feasibility and validity of parameter estimation is a critical factor in environmental fate models.
7, The convergent property and convergent rate of parameter estimation error are analyzed . Some sufficient conditions are given to guarantee the asymptotic normality of parameter estimation error.
8, Parameter estimation as minimization – intro to method of least squares, introduction to probability theory, conditional and joint probabilities, statistical independence.
9, Traditional numerical methods for line parameter estimation in power systems require too many ideal conditions.
10, Derived from the standpoint of minimum error parameter estimation, a fast learning algorithm for solving interconnection matrix W of the network is of fast convergence property.
11, Parameter estimation method with constraints based on calculus of variations was introduced in order to get an asymptotic and unbiased estimation of parameters.
12, High precision parameter estimation is very important to the control system design and compensation.
13, Differential coefficient method together with distribution parameter estimation is put forward, so that the data processing may be implemented on a computer, thus greatly reducing calculation .
14, The parameter estimation and its property are the focus of the linear model theory.
15, For parameter estimation of nonlinear system, this paper proposed a hybrid optimization algorithm integrating parallel chaotic search algorithm(PCS)with pattern search method(PS).
16, Parameter estimation of linear invariant determinate unstable systems is considered in this paper.
17, A procedure for the parameter estimation of nonlinear parametric structural system is presented.
18, Results:The uncertainty of parameter estimation and the difficulty in explaining the outcome due to the multicollinearity in mult-regression analysis are removed.
19, Combined with statistical based Bayesian estimation and adaptive distribution parameter estimation, an effective denoising algorithm is gained.
20, On the basis of signal phase matching principle and the method of least squares of parameter estimation, a method for single-frequency signal detection is presented in this paper.
21, Baum - Welch algorithm is often made to optimize parameter in parameter estimation problem.
22, The normal mode decomposition can be taken as technique support for environmental parameter estimation,( estimation.html) passive source localization and single mode technique.
23, This paper builds up a regression model by use of dichotomous variable and estimates the seasonal index indirectly by the parameter estimation of seasonal dichotomous variable.
24, Using the filter property of correlative Integral, the effect of noise in measured signal may be effectively restrained and the precision of parameter estimation is raised.
25, With all generation plant virtually regarded as an equivalent one, the method of least squares is used for parameter estimation.
26, An abridged algorithm of 2 D hidden Markov chain model and its parameter estimation method are made.
27, It is secure since it has the capacity to resist chaotic unmasking, noise filter, and synchronization-based parameter estimation.
28, On - line identification is a available way for synchronous machine parameter estimation.
29, The relations between the powers and the mean square deviation of parameter estimation were obtained.
30, The analysis to its application indicates that this is an effective optimized method to parameter estimation of the rographic generalized stationary random process.
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