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Output impedance in a sentence

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1. Finally, is the small-signal, complex, output impedance when the input is open circuit to signals.
2. The output impedance is about 0.02 ohm at the 5V end and 0.1 ohm at the 15V end of the range.
3. The circuit has the characteristics of high output impedance and low passive sensitivity.
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4. Thecalculation formulas of conversion loss and input and output impedance areobtained.
5. A method to reduce the static error and output impedance by biasing the TL431 is given.
6. The input and output impedance of MRF 18030 transistor are obtained by 2 - tone load - pull method.
7. Theory analysis proves that the output impedance of parallel system is reduced and the precision of output voltage is improved.
8. This transformer can be used to realize the output impedance transformation of the ceramic pulse forming line with low characteristic impedance.
9. The decreased effective output impedance causes the amp to react less to the speakers.
10. Most line drivers with low differential output impedance will also have inherently low common-mode output impedances, so the low impedance arms of the bridge are almost always at the driver.
11. No matter what the output impedance of the amplifier is!
12. This provides a relatively high input impedance looking into their bases and a low output impedance at the emitters.
13. One of the main reasons is that the input impedance of the switching power supply matches with the output impedance of the power supply filter.
14. Thus it not only solved the problem of constant output current while load impedance is varied, but also solved the matching problem of output impedance and load impedance.
15. An ideal operational amplifier has infinite input impedance, infinite gain for the differential input signal, zero gain for the common-mode input signal, zero output impedance, and infinite bandwidth.
16. They have a simple construction with low power dissipation and low output impedance and can be used as interfacing circuits in VLSI designs to reduce the number of external connections on a chip.
17. Contour modulation is a technique in which a phase-modulated signal waveform and amplifier output impedance work together to maintain higher efficiency over a sizable output power back-off.
18. However, many headphones have been sonically optimized to be driven by an output impedance of 120 Ohm.
19. There is a lot more to good amplifier performance than output impedance.
20. Damping factors can be quite high ; for instance, an amplifier with an output impedance of.
21. Even slight mismatching will cause large errors in the transfer function and degrade the output impedance causing the circuit to become less of a true current source.
22. Output characteristic is one of the most important characteristics of voltage source inverter, which is determined by the equivalent output impedance of the inverter.
23. A real-world voltage source has a very low, but non-zero output impedance: often much less than 1 ohm.
24. The output of the circuit was push-pull structure in order to reduce the output impedance and speed up the load of the driving voltage.
25. Optimal design for input filter parameters in the system is accomplished to obtain the minimization of peak output impedance, and the design process is discussed in detail.
26. This circuit is used few elements, and is capable of giving amplified output and has high input impedance and low output impedance.
27. One of the things about amplifiers that affects how they can drive a speaker system is the amplifier's output impedance .
28. The active and passive sensitivities are low. Because the output impedance of the CFA is very low, the output terminals of the proposed configuration can be directly connected to the next stage.
29. This paper presents a novel concept for system integration at system level, which is to select output impedance of source converter and input impedance of load converter as objects of standardization.
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