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On an average in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-07-21Updated:2017-07-21
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1. Consequently, she had to exist on an average income of £26 per week from an evening waitressing job.
2. On an average autumn Saturday morning, when I was seven, I met eight men of this storied generation.
3. The sad fact is that on an average classroom teacher's salary it is impossible to bring up a family in London.
4. We estimated that on an average working day about 650,000 people saw their family doctor and another 300,000 went to the dentist.
5. On an average day, it holds 1,500 to 1,700 inmates who are severely mentally ill, most of them detained on minor charges, essentially for being public nuisances.
6. In American homes, television sets were on an average of 42.7 hours per week.
7. The value of information stored on an average computer hard drive often exceeds the value of the computer itself.
8. On an average we would be spending £300 per day.
9. Each quarry on an average employs about 120 workers.
10. He smokes ten cigarettes a day on an average.
11. "We are flying aircraft on an average flight time of one hour around Europe, " Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary told the Guardian.
12. He would design two to three instruments a on an average.
13. As a reasonable guess , they might, on an average, be 100 light years away.
14. On an average, he gets three calls per hour during office hours.
15. On an average day you take 15,000 steps and foot perspires 200 ml of sweat.
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16. He smokes 20 cigarettes a day on an average.
17. Indian tobacco is quoting on an average $3.15 per kg now as compared to $2 per kg in the last year, he said.
18. On an average day, they now spend 7 andhalf . 5 hours using media.
19. On an average day, over 100,000 kids bring guns to school in the U.S.
20. They went to the theatre on an average of 10.3 times a year.
21. During an enthralling series of Singles matches there were more fluctuations than on an average day on Wall Street.
22. The body surface area will not be used in the calculation since the clearance is being done on an average size adult.
23. Results:SCL-90 estimation showed that the patients scored much higher at week 0 regarding the changes in somatization,( depression and anxiety as compared with the national norms on an average.
24. Its characters were between cold typal wheat with excellent characters and warm typal wheat with poor characters on an average for many years, especially metabolic functions.
25. At present the best quality raw Indian tobacco is quoting on an average 5-6 dollars per kg in the overseas market, against 3-4 dollar a kg in the previous year, the official said.
26. I believe what I will be able to accomplish on an average workday in 2030 will be utterly beyond 2030's smartest computing machine .
27. The average recognition accuracy is 86.33% with 3.46 candidate number (the number was 10 before rejection) on an average, and the total error rejection rate is 0.27%.
28. Planning an amusement with calculating what the parks attendance will be on an average day.
29. While the company sells about 3.33 lakh units every month on an average (according to industry sources), it has only few service centers in Delhi.
30. You do not want a home loan that calculates interest on an average monthly balance.
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