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Oil industry in a sentence

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Sentence count:83Posted:2018-05-06Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: coal industrysteel industrychemical industryindustrymilitary-industrial complexindustrialkey industryindustriallyMeaning: n. an industry that produces and delivers oil and oil products. 
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1. The squeeze on profits in the oil industry has led to thousands of redundancies.
2. The fire left Kuwait's oil industry in a sorry state.
3. I work in the oil industry.
4. Businesses concerned with the oil industry do not support solar energy research.
5. Ecuadoreans worry that the oil industry, their main foreign-exchange earner, is vulnerable to further violence.
6. It will be used for oil industry and financial modelling and similar supercomputing tasks.
7. Workers in the oil industry want to sell oil for dollars.
8. Safety in the oil industry in general is still far from perfect.
9. The arrival of the oil industry has brought a surge of business to central Louisiana.
10. The wreck of Braer will not cause the oil industry to ground its plans to expand.
11. The oil industry would be faced with the cost of meeting the ever higher burden of controlling emissions at the manufacturing plants.
12. The oil industry is still accommodating itself to its new size following the 1979 price hike.
13. The revelation comes as an oil industry survey claims 84 percent of forecourts were hit by crime last year.
14. Pioneered the Group's development into oil industry related markets in the 1970s.
15. He's calling for urgent consultations between the government and the oil industry to resolve the problem.
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16. Smith Barney mobilized its energy group, led by Bob Jeffe, whose connections to the oil industry run deep.
17. Taban Deng was governor of Unity state, at the heart of the oil industry, when the Red Sea pipeline opened.
18. It was based on vitrinite reflectance measured on cores and cuttings mainly from oil industry boreholes.
19. Perez stated that the current fiscal crisis was the result of the collapse of the oil industry.
20. Aberdeen was examined separately because of its special place in the North Sea oil industry.
21. The same month the Majles approved nationalization of the oil industry.
22. But it should come as no shock that the oil industry is out to maximize profits.
23. The Select Committee drew attention to the under-reporting of accidents in the oil industry.
24. Raised in London by his grandparents, he had studied hard to become an oil industry engineer.
25. Tannins, another kind of organic molecule, are used in the oil industry to make muds easier to drill.
26. Heherson Alvarez said disagreements over the taxation of imported petroleum products has stalled the passage of an oil industry deregulation bill.
27. At Winfrith, a range of skills developed for nuclear modelling and inspection were adapted for use by the offshore oil industry.
28. And the leading villain, of course, is the greedy oil industry, according to the conventional consumer bleat.
29. An important environmental application is the cleaning of oily water in the offshore oil industry.
30. Attention focuses on the role of foreign workers in the emerging oil industry.
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