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Octane rating in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2019-11-27Updated:2019-11-27
Similar words: veneratinggeneratingspontaneous generationgenerating stationregeneratingoctaneself-generatingisooctaneMeaning: n. a measure of the antiknock properties of gasoline. 
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1. Compounds containing oxygen, which enhances octane rating, have also been added.
2. Fuel type Unleaded premium, minimum octane rating 98 (RON), automatic knock control permits operation with minimum octane number 95 (RON).
3. Ethanol's higher octane rating (around 96 compared with 91 for premium grade petrol) allows them to have a higher compression ratio—and thereby deliver more power as a result.
4. The gasoline label number is classified by the octane rating, which means the content of the octane.
5. Refiners have tried additives over time to boost octane rating.
6. The test mixture by which a gasoline's octane rating is judged combines 2,2,4-trimethylpentane and heptane (87 to 13 percent for "87 octane").
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7. Should the car need a higher octane rating, there will be an indication in the owner's manual and perhaps under the fuel gauge and by the fuel fill hole.
8. E85 has a higher octane rating (104 RON) than gasoline, making it more resistant to harmful pre-detonation, or "knocking, " when the fuel/air mixture is compressed in the cylinder.
9. By and large, flex-fuel vehicles sacrifice ethanol's higher octane rating—and accept its poorer fuel economy—so they can also use widely available petrol.
10. When lead is added to petrol it improves a car's performance by increasing the octane rating.
11. Problems caused by using fuel with a too low octane rating.
12. This paper introduces the structure and principle of operation of ZGPY-1 on-line NIR octane rating analyzer.
13. An alternative increasingly being used is ethanol, which has an octane rating of 108 or 110; gasoline with 10 percent ethanol is marketed as gasohol .
14. It is proved that the analyzer has advanced technology, higher reliability and safety, more expandable test projects. As new model analyzer, It measures the octane rating quickly and automatically.
15. Majority of cars are made to burn regular unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 95.
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