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Number system in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2021-02-15Updated:2021-02-15
Similar words: binary number systempower systemsewer systemwater systemriver systembarter systemvoucher systemspeaker systemMeaning: n. any notation for the representation of numbers. 
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1. They delivered our current number system.
2. Accordingly, we shall usually use the binary number system, as described earlier.
3. The acceptability of real number system depends on practice.
4. Of or relating to the decimal number system.
5. Computers use the binary number system.
6. The binary number system has two as its base.
7. A number system written to the base two notation.
8. The exchanging of different number system is an important basic section on study computers.
9. The sexagesimal scale, or number system based on 60( system.html), was used by ancient Babylonians.
10. The conventional binary number system has a carry chain which often limits the efficiency of computer arithmetic.
11. Computers use the binary number system. A binary digit is called a bit.
12. Contains number system convertor, so you can easily convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers.
13. Data and Number System We all know and understand the decimal number system; this is the number system we use daily.
14. A kind of residue number system (RNS) in which the order of modulo multiplication and scaling, operation is reduced from three to two is discussed in this paper.
15. Abolish active job number system, all job numbers again ordering.
16. We all know and understand the decimal number system; this is the number system we use daily.
17. It is occasionally necessary to use a number system to designate the position of each ligand.
18. If we can satisfy the stringent requirements of the number system then we have established a scale of measurement.
19. With the addition of the toes on our feet a vigesimal (base 20) number system, like that of the Maya, also makes sense.
20. Along with large scale integrated circuit and microcomputer's development, modern number system already gradually microcomputer.
21. The basic prerequisite for reading this book is a familiarity with the number system.
22. In 2007, the code was expanded to 13 digits to make it compatible with the 13-digit European Article Number system for identifying all retail products, not just books.
23. What advances did the Babylonians make and how did they use this number system for measurement?
24. A number can be represent in different ways, we called ( number system ).
25. The question of the logical structure of the real number system was faced squarely.
26. They capture small - scale behavior, just like infinitesimals, but use the ordinary real number system.
27. Then he joined his sets to the golden mean number system and transfinite dimension theory.
28. Later translations of his books also gave us the decimal positional number system we use today.
29. It is easy to see the origins of a decimal ( base 10 ) number system.
30. A patterned series of these tiny charged berries on the disk represents a single bit of data in the binary number system used by computers.
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