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Normal distribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:98Posted:2017-09-27Updated:2017-09-27
Similar words: spatial distributionstatistical distributiondistributionredistributionincome distributionredistribution of incomedistributivedistributingMeaning: n. a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance. 
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1) IQs within the population show a normal distribution.
2) In Figure 7.7 half of the normal distribution is drawn.
3) A normal distribution has a kurtosis measure of 3, and a leptokurtic distribution occurs when the kurtosis is well over 3.
4) Variables with normal distribution and homogeneous variance were compared by means of parametric tests, otherwise their non-parametric counterparts were used.
5) The nuclei can relax to their normal distribution.
6) Result: The final score of each module normal distribution.
7) Note: when, namely,( distribution.html) it is called standard normal distribution.
8) METHODS Construct proper accumulation normal distribution function form and fit with our experimental data, then compare with the common 4-parameter equation fitting.
9) The shadow affect is logarithmic normal distribution, and the multi-path fading is Rayleigh distribution.
10) Results:The frequency of blood pressure presented a normal distribution and twin peak sign through the twinborn analytical method and group investigation.
11) If obeying logarithmic normal distribution(, the reliable life of rolling bearings presents in an analytic form.
12) Analysis and simulation show that normal distribution is a simple, achievable and reasonable description.
13) The alluvial deposit and coastal deposit follow normal distribution, they are straight lines in normal cumulative diagram.
14) The ordinate scaling is derived by dividing the area beneath a normal distribution curve into columnar segments of equal area.
15) Part four introduces multiple discriminant analysis as an individual-directed technique based on normal distribution assumptions.
16) For continuous variables medians were used because the results lacked normal distribution.
17) It was proved that the size distribution obeys log normal distribution law.
18) For a life data X, whether it comes from the censoring exponential distribution or the censoring normal distribution, it can use the likelihood ratio test to make a decision.
19) By experimental data analysis, the random change of the reciprocal induction time as well as the induction time is in conformity to logarithmic normal distribution.
20) The purpose of this report is to derive a formula for integrating the normal distribution curve.
21) The frequency chart of damaged structure, which also obeys normal distribution , descends.
22) 3 For many random variables, a good choice is the normal distribution, often represented as a bell-shaped curve, shown in Figure 1.
23) When the variance was known and the conjugate prior distribution was normal, a Bayes estimation of loss-function and risk function of logarithmic normal distribution was given.
24) This paper differentiates the grade of flood and drought using the rainfall classification method of fractile of standardized normal distribution and fuzzy subset , t...
25) Results:After variate transformation by clustering, the data was more similar to normal distribution.
26) It is shown that the ice thickness and the ice velocity satisfy with Lognormal distribution and Rayleigh distribution respectively, and that the ice compression strength obeys Normal distribution.
27) Because of its better fitness with the 'heavy-tailed and skewed' empirical distribution, stable distribution is now widely used instead of normal distribution.
28) The traditional statistical classifier is suitable in making RS image classification in normal distribution and unsuitable in doing with the data in discrete distribution, such as the geographic data.
29) Uncertainties must be considered in project assessment. So a risk analysis module based on the normal distribution function is proposed to simulate the possible risk distribution form.
30) Because of the possibility characteristics of images, the planar normal distribution function was adopted to present the pertinence of pixels accurately and reasonably.
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