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Nonlinear distortion in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2022-09-19Updated:2022-09-19
Similar words: angular distortionnonlinear equationnonlinear correlationnonlinear optimizationnon-linear relationshipdistortionphase distortionfield distortionMeaning: n. distortion that occurs when the output signal does not have a linear relation to the input signal. 
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1) Focusing on the nonlinear distortion caused by nonlinear amplifier in OFDM system, an adaptive pre-distortion technique based on Look Up Table(LUT) was used to rectify it.
2) The process of nonlinear distortion correction of orthogonal pattern group in E - beam scanning is introduced.
3) Reduced the nonlinear distortion, simultaneously also to increase the effective output, to raise the tube efficiency.
4) A new evaluation approach for the in-band nonlinear distortion, which is formed by the orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) signal passing through the high power amplifier, is presented.
5) A novel approach of nonlinear distortion compensation technique based on RBF network is proposed here.
6) Measurement method of nonlinear distortion is also discussed. Instruments made in China were used and background noise in the selective frequency meter was eliminated in the measurements.
7) In this paper the nonlinear distortion AM - VSB CATV system with erbium - doped fiber amplifier ( EDFA ) was studied theoretically.
8) Transistors are nonlinear devices,[ distortion.html] which can produce nonlinear distortion in amplifier while amplifying signals.
9) Nonlinear distortion of images by digital camera is made of combined errors of lens in the camera. It is confirmed through theoretic analysis and experimental proof.
10) This paper fcutativcly discusses the nonlinear distortion caused by blockage-leakage in the photon-counting tcchnigue and proposes a set of new method to decrease the defects.
11) Sinusoidal signal generator sinusoidal signal of the main circuit and systems used to measure the frequency characteristics of the nonlinear distortion, and gain sensitivity and so on.
12) Furthermore, the time history and spectrum of the average flow velocity through an orifice are computed, from which the nonlinear distortion of flow velocity is analyzed.
13) In specification measuring of TY transmission system, DG(, DP and luminance nonlinear distortion often influence each other.
14) Actual correcting outcomes indicate that the predistortion algorithm is an effective means for solving nonlinear distortion of cylindrical screen.
15) Adaptive digital predistortion is an effective technique which compensate nonlinear distortion introduced by the high power amplifier (HPA).
16) However, the MC-CDMA system inherits the problem on the higher peak-average power ratio (PAPR) in the OFDM systems, which will result in the nonlinear distortion in a high power amplifier (HPA).
17) A cascaded hybrid wavelet neural network (WNN) adaptive blind equalizer is proposed for severe nonlinear distortion channel.
18) But the OFDM signal has a large PAPR, which results in the significant nonlinear distortion when it passes through a HPA (high power amplifier), thereby the performances of the system descend.
19) One disadvantage of MC-CDMA is the high Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) that results in nonlinear distortion at a high power amplifier (HPA) and the degradation of the bit error rate (BER).
20) By compensating with P-type bootstrapped switch, this circuit can overcome nonlinear distortion, which is generally introduced by signal-dependent on-resistance, and improve sampling resolution.
21) The OFDM system has a major disadvantage that high peak to average power ratio (PAPR) can cause nonlinear distortion in the high power amplifier (HPA).
22) The mixing system is composed of a linear convolution followed by an invertible nonlinear distortion.
23) In addition, a novel attribute, the number of ridges between minutiae and the fiducial point, is introduced and it is invariant to transition, rotation and nonlinear distortion.
24) Adaptive baseband predistortion is an effective technique for compensating nonlinear distortion introduced by high power amplifiers.
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