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Nitric oxide in a sentence

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Sentence count:104Posted:2018-02-02Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: nitrous oxidenitrogen oxidenitrogen dioxidezinc oxidenitricnitrideoxidedioxideMeaning: n. a poisonous red-brown gas (NO). 
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1) Oxyhaemoglobin, a scavenger of nitric oxide, also abolished the relaxations but methaemoglobin had no such effect.
2) Nitric Oxide Synthase, N-terminal, Rabbit anti-Human, Rat; frozen, IH.
3) This is where nitric oxide comes in.
4) The detector tube is filled with nitric oxide.
5) Nitric Oxide Synthase, C-terminal, Rabbit anti-Human, Rat; frozen,( oxide.html) IH.
6) Is nitric oxide involved in the vasovagal syncope?
7) Objective To study the effect of nitric oxide (NO), nitric oxide synthetase(NOS) in the arteriosclerosis(AS) caused by immune vasculitis.
8) Objective To understand the effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the formation of hyperdynamic circulatory syndrome (HCS) and the influence of level of NO on HCS.
9) Many research results indicated that nitric oxide represented the function of multiform diphase regulation in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma.
10) Under the pathology conditions,[] excessive nitric oxide can induce nerve injury.
11) The up regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase ( iN OS ) often negatively modulates myocardial function.
12) The pollution of nitric oxide and the method of denitration were introduced.
13) Nitric oxide ( NO ) content in pulmonary tissues was determined using nitrate enzyme reduction method.
14) Objective ? To investigate the effect of nitric oxide on the secondary spinal cord injury.
15) Objective To study the effects of nitric oxide(NO) in basolateral amygdaloid nuclei(BLN)on sleep and behavioral activity in rats.
16) Effect of Astragalus radix on proliferation and nitric oxide production of head kidney macrophages in Cyprinus carpio:an in vitro study .
17) Objective To study the effects of Icariin on nitric oxide(NO) production and nitric oxide synthase(NOS) activity in rabbit clitoral corporal smooth muscle cells(RCSMC).
18) Using sodium nitroprusside as a nitric oxide(NO) donor, the effect of different concentration of SNP treatment on sensory and internal quality of lima bean pod was investigated.
19) Results Nitric oxide was directly toxic to PC12 cells in a dose-dependent manner, and brain tissue homogenate extracts taken from hypoxia preconditioned mice could prevent PC12 cells from NO toxicity.
20) Keeping the artery endothelium and its nitric oxide (NO) synthesis intactness is crucial to maintain vascular function normally.
21) Objective To investigate the effect of Naja naja atra venom on the expressions of nitric oxide synthase(NOS) in certain Nuclei of Pons in Rat.
22) Objective:To investigate the effect of added zinc on levels of nitric oxide(NO) and activities of nitric oxide synthase(NOS) in renal tissue of cataractous rats.
23) Method: The rat model of DN was constructed by intraperitoneally injected streptozocin(STZ), and the body weight, blood glucose, endothelin(ET) and nitric oxide(NO) were measured.
24) Objective To investigate the change of serum and tela nitric oxide(NO) levels in the gastric carcinoma patients and its clinic significance.
25) L - Arginine: This amino acid is a precursor to nitric oxide ( NO ).
26) Objective To explore the effects of ligustrazine on secretion of nitric oxide(NO) in ventricular tissues of rats under physiological condition.
27) Objective To observe the influence of berberine on vasoactive substances of gastric mucous coat, including nitric oxide(NO), nitric oxide synthase(NOS) and endothelin(ET) in mice with gastric ulcer.
28) Objective To explore the effects of massotherapy on hemorheology, serum nitric oxide(NO), endothelin(ET), in the patients with cervical spondylotic vertebral arteriopathy(CSA).
29) Wheat seeds(Triticum aestivum L. cv. DK 961) were pre-soaked with nitric oxide donor sodium nitroprusside(SNP) to study effect of exogenous NO on oxidative damage in wheat seedlings under salt stress.
30) In this study, we aim to investigate whether pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide(PACAP) attenuated the neurotoxicity induced by glutamate through blocking the nitric oxide (NO) pathway.
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