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Nerve fibres in a sentence

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1 Capsaicin destroys small sensory nerve fibres if it is injected under the skin of newborn rats.
2 At intervals along its length groups of nerve fibres emerge from the spinal column to connect with the peripheral nervous system.
3 The function of nerve fibres is to transmit coded information from one place to the other.
4 All nerve fibres and terminals present seemed normal in number and morphology.
5 There is every reason to believe that nerve fibres can also transmit messages from cell to cell with different codes.
6 Nerve fibres transmit external stimuli to the brain.
7 Whitish bands composed of medullated nerve fibres radiating out from the optic disc are of no pathological significance and must not be confused with papilloedema .
8 The pit organ contains nerve fibres known as trigeminal ganglia.
9 Nerve fibres in the iris respond to changes in the body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations.
10 Results: The changes of CGRP- immunoreactive nerve fibres in morphology, distribution,[] and density were induced by traumatic occlusion in periodontium of rat.
11 Results: The changes of CGRP- immunoreactive nerve fibres in morphology, distribution, and density were induced by traumatic occlusion in pulpal tissue of rat.
12 It forms the myelin sheath of nerve fibres which facilitates the transmission of nerve impulse and insulates against cross-talks.
13 Results The neurohypophysis was composed of unmyelinated nerve fibres, pituicytes and connective tissue abound in blood capillaries.
14 It is suggested that the nerve fibres of the limbic system projecting to the mediodcrsal thalamic nucleus is important in regulating actions of thc viscera.
15 In flatworms all that exists is a simple network of nerve fibres.
16 This is not only simplistic but it is even ignorant of pain-provoking peripheral nerve fibres now known to exist in man.
17 In nervous communication, messages are carried as electrical impulses in nerve fibres.
18 Computed tomography indicates that vascular events can precede the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and that death of nerve fibres occurs considerably later.
19 The first component in this classical stimulus-response link is specific injury-detecting nerve fibres, the nociceptors.
20 Even under the microscope, it is hard to detect any structure,[] because of the bewildering variety of nerve fibres criss-crossing one another.
21 Their principal active component is capsaicin, which is a powerful stimulant of afferent nerve fibres.
22 Conclusion Paralysis was the main repellent mechanism of decoction of areca and pumpkin seeds. But no injuries in nerve fibres.
23 The brain works like an electrical circuit, sending impulses along nerve fibres in the same way that current is sent through wires.
24 Moreover, changes in endocrine status by adrenalectomy or ovariectomy in the rat profoundly increased the density of the nerve fibres in the anterior pituitary as a result of active axonal sprouting.
25 Once the first outbreak of blisters has gone, the herpes virus hides away in nerve fibres near the infection site, where it remains dormant, causing no symptoms.
26 The obese subjects tended to have damage to a particular substance that surrounds and insulates nerve fibres in the brain, suggesting that substance is needed for optimal cognitive function.
27 While the temperature of thermocoagulation reached 80℃, none of painful afferent nerve fibres survived.
28 In the neck the cells are scattered separately or appear in groups in the perineurinto among the nerve fibres.
29 For example, patients who've had a commissurotomy - the severing of the thick bundle of nerve fibres that joins the two hemispheres - show deficits on creative tasks.
30 In MS, loss of the myelin sheaths which act as insulating layers, leads to the nerve fibres in the brain becoming damaged.
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