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Negative ion in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-06-29Updated:2018-06-29
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1 If negative ions predominate, nothing happens.
2 Negative ions can also be formed when an atom has an extra electron bolted on.
3 Negative ions pass through a membrane containing positive ions more easily than through one that is neutral or negatively charged.
4 But if the receptor lets in negative ions, the downstream neuron is made more resistant to firing.
5 But if positive and negative ions are separated and concentrated,( a charge difference is developed-a difference measured in volts.
6 It is charged with negative ions which generate a feeling of well-being.
7 Let's purify air with a negative ion generator.
8 The negative ion air cleaner is designed by the principle negative corona discharge.
9 The new method in the determination of negative ion surface-active agent is introduced, comparing with methylene blue method, it have merits of simple operation step and little dosage.
10 Two major performance parameters of negative ion generator are negative ion concentration and ozone concentration.
11 Negative ion of air was very abundance, anionic concentration profile of Green dragon deep pool testing point is more than Ten-Thousand cubic centimeter(10000/). Mt.
12 A negative ion is an atom which has gained one or more extra electrons.
13 The incorporated negative ion generator provides green shower effect facilitating metabolism stabilizing nerve system and changing the atmosphere.
14 Therefore, negative ion manufacturing technology aims at contributing to the elimination of particles in the air.
15 The HPLC was subjected to gradient elution and negative ion mode was adopted in mass spectrum.
16 Negative ion concentration changes evidently with the variation of humidity, temperature and ground radiation intensity.
17 Synthesis and application of negative ion inartificial high molecular flocculant prepared by starch are reported in this paper.
18 The trajectories of the negative ions in the negative ion atom probe have been calculated for hyperboloidal tip shape.
19 The effects of the positive and negative ion background on the discharge path are studied.
20 The water negative ion powder is produced through mixing diatomite powder and salt compound powder in certain proportion.
21 The negative ion is a cleansing agent as well as a " vitamin of the air. "
22 The cell is already negative and so adding more negative ions just pushes the cell farther in an electrically negative direction.
23 Companies specializing in the production of various kinds of metal film capacitors, negative ion generator.
24 The following efficacy of bamboo-charcoal:high absorption, dehumidify , deodorization, negative ion and far-infrared ray were used in various pillows to improve our living quality.
25 The base of the clothes dehumidifier is further provided with a negative ion generator.
26 Cellotriose and cellotetraose were analyzed by electron pray ionization mass spectrometry(ESI-MS) with negative ion mode.
27 It has been proved that it is economical and feasible to eliminate educt alkali from coarse sodium tungstate with electrodialysis method of negative ion (1) selective membrane.
28 Jinshi-Brand MKJ-Type air purifier is composed of prefilter, combined filter, active carbon membrane, electrostatic field and negative ion generator.
29 The thin multi - component high count fabric made by functional negative ion fiber is developed.
30 When we generate precipitation by static electricity we can bring about a stable negative ion supply.
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