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Negative image in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-09-08Updated:2018-09-08
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(1) They have a uniformly negative image of the police.
(2) The industry is trying to shed its negative image.
(3) He may even believe the negative image that has been presented of him cost him a spot on the latest Dream Team.
(4) Has the industry finally shed its negative image for helping businesses only when they are in trouble?
(5) Lateral reversal a positive or negative image transposed from left to right as in a mirror reflection of the original.
(6) The technique of scribing produces a negative image.
(7) It is certainly a negative image.
(8) The Dark World is sort of a negative image of Light World, with gnarled trees, twisted creatures(, and deviously degenerate dungeons.
(9) Aggravated with her increasingly negative image in the media, the singer fired her incompetent publicist.
(10) But the negative image of Saudi Arabia in the United States makes many faculty members reluctant to go to Saudi Arabia or cooperate with KAUST.
(11) "If the negative image caused by food safety issues cannot be corrected, its impact on the inbound (tourist) market will linger," she said, without elaboration.
(12) The Boxer Band tunes in to historyThe Boxers' negative image in the West is of little concern.
(13) To clear the city - state of that negative image , a strong message from the governmentis necessary.
(14) Unfortunately, many people have a negative image of people who say they are unschoolers.
(15) The results indicated that Japanese students have a negative image of people in power and want to avoid jobs that bear heavy responsibilities.
(16) If the negative image caused by food safety issues cannot be corrected[], its impact on the inbound (tourist) market will linger.
(17) Poor: Plant very cluttered and disorganized, conveys negative image to visitors.
(18) Many animals unfortunately suffer from a rather negative image in human culture, regarded by us as frightening, disgusting or just plain lowly.
(19) Napoli 99 is a private organisation founded in1984 to improve the negative image that the city was acquiring.
(20) Brown led the opposition campaign, and later criticized the media for creating a negative image of the Legislature.
(21) In all likelihood, the racially polarized vote will reinforce Mississippi's negative image far beyond its borders.
(22) Perhaps the greatest by-product of this softer approachis you are not building a negative image that may be nearly impossible to eraselater.
(23) The theory and application of the digital image processing technology used in the nuclear pressure vessel nondestructive test negative image process are discussed in this paper.
(24) Mr Earp added: 'What's interesting is the ironic effect of the negative image.
(25) Seen here on June 13th from southern New Mexico, this Comet McNaught's long ion tail sweeps across the telescopic field of view (a negative image is inset).
(26) She wondered why her mother and many others have such a negative image of Americans.
(27) Their enormous decline over the past decade has many scientists worried about biodiversity and the health of the oceans, but in part because of their negative image, many conservation efforts fail.
(28) For one, let's define Zionism.Zionism has somehow gotten a negative image.To me, Zionism simply means that Jews have a right to their homeland and the Middle East.
(29) The moral behind this cover is, "If you are going to use a negative image, don't pussyfoot around, do it with conviction."
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