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Mouse ear in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2020-03-19Updated:2020-03-19
Similar words: in one eargive eargive ear tomiddle earwage earnerwage-earningfree and clearWalls have earsMeaning: n. 1. small perennial herb having bright blue or white flowers 2. any of various plants related to the common chickweed. 
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1. The anti-inflammatory action was studied in mouse ear swelling test and capillary permeability test and anti-coagulation action in mice was also observed by mouse blood coagulation time test.
2. Results:Casticin inhibited significantly xylene - induced mouse ear edema, egg albumen - induced rat paw edema and acetic acid - induced mouse vascular permeability.
3. RESULT EMP significantly suppressed xylene induced mouse ear edema and albumin induced rat paw edema. Paper induced rat granuloma was also markedly reduced by EMP.
4. Mouse ear swell induced by dimethybenzene, The sedative effect was studied by pentobarbital sleeping time in mice.
5. Xylene was used to induce mouse ear swelling, formaldehyde was used to induce mouse foot swelling and ice-acetic acid was used to increase blood capillary leakage in mouse abdominal cavity.
6. Methods:Using the models of the swelling of mouse ear, and rat carrageenin paw edema.
7. Methods The inflammatory models of mouse ear edema induced by xylene and rat paw edema caused by carrageenin were adopted.
8. Results:HTQP suppressed the swelling of mouse ear induced by croton oil, the edema of rat hind paw induced by carrageenan and the increase of peritoneal capillary permeability induced by HAC in mice.
9. Result: DAE could inhibit the mouse ear edema induced by dimethylbenzene, inhibit the rat foot swelling induced by carrageenin , and increase the mice pain threshold induced by hot plate.
10. Methods:The models of mouse ear tumefaction caused by xylene and rat foot tumefaction caused by carrageenan were used to observe the anti-inflammatory action of YGLDG via oral adiminstration.
11. To evaluate the effect of Belamcanda chinensis extract on rat paw swelling, mouse ear edema and analgesia activity.
12. Tongping ointment significantly suppressed carrageen-pastern-induced rat paw edema and xylene-induced mouse ear edema.
13. METHOD:The anti inflammatory effects was determined with the model of the swelling of mouse ear and the rat carrageenin paw edema.
14. METHOD The effects were observed in the following models, xylene induced swelling of mouse ear, carrageenin induced paw edema in rat and hot-plate procedure in mice.
15. In this paper the toxicity and security of intermediate water were detected with method of bioassays including fish toxicity test, the mouse ear swelling test, and guinea pig skin recover test.
16. Results: Shuluo oil had markedly suppressing effect on swelling of mouse ear and footpad in rat, and had analgesic action to certain extent.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. Results: Hong She analgesic solution had markedly suppressing effect on swelling of mouse ear and footpad in rat.
18. Methods Analgesia and anti-inflammatory effect were induced by mouse hot plate, acetic acid stretching experiment and mouse peritonitis, mouse ear swelling model.
19. The anti inflammatory effect of Zhishuxi lotion was observed by using the mouse ear inflammation model induced by xylol and the rat sole inflammation model induced by egg white.
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