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Metabolic disorder in a sentence

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Similar words: panic disordergenetic disordermetabolicmetabolic ratemetabolic processbasal metabolic ratemetabolizemetaboliseMeaning: n. a disorder or defect of metabolism. 
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(1) Have diabetes or another chronic metabolic disorder.
(2) Conclusion NO - 1886 improved lipid metabolic disorder and decreased plasma glucose or liver glycogenolysis and improved liver fat pathological changes.
(3) CONCLUSION:Diabetic metabolic disorder affects VLDL R expression and its subtype distribution.
(4) This is a metabolic disorder in the causal chain as the core, the current that the pathogenesis of insulin resistance is the key point of the process.
(5) Julia, from California in USA, suffered from metabolic disorder, which caused her leg could not expose in the sun.
(6) The mortality was 23.1%. Conclusion Glucose metabolic disorder after renal transplantation was a common phenomenon. PTDM may bring grievous perniciousness and must take it seriously.
(7) A similar, less severe, metabolic disorder is congenital lactase deficiency.
(8) This disease is a multi systemic metabolic disorder caused by excess circulating thyroid hormone.
(9) Therefore, the metabolic disorder induced by the accumulation of active oxygen species was one of important factors for the senescence of Panus giganteus.
(10) Conclusion: Liver disease is related to metabolic disorder of free radical oxygen, and free radical level raised with the severity of liver disease.
(11) Although gouty arthritis is a common metabolic disorder, and the gouty tophi may be deposited in the joints and juxtaarticular connective tissue, its affliction of the axial spine is relatively rare.
(12) Metabolic disorder of Hevea leaves was characterized by a decrease in the activity of NAD—malate dehydrogenase and in the content of soluble protein.
(13) Galactosemia is another rare metabolic disorder that occurs when the liver enzyme GALT, needed to break down galactose, is partially or completely absent.
(14) The metabolic disorder might be caused by the lack of a certain enzyme.
(15) Methylmalonic acidemia is an inherited metabolic disorder, which is caused by deficiency of methylmalonyl-coenzyme A mutase or its cofactor adenosylcobalamin.
(16) Scientists have strong evidence that Type I diabetes is a metabolic disorder triggered by an autoimmune reaction.
(17) Congenital lactose intolerance is very rare and is an inherited metabolic disorder rather than an allergy.
(18) Conclusion DST impairs the balance between perfusion, metabolism and contraction of hibernating myocardium[], leading to severe myocardial metabolic disorder.
(19) Drills the urine sickness is one kind of internal secretion metabolic disorder disease.
(20) Gout is considered an ancient form of inflammatory arthritis, and is caused by metabolic disorder that has not been properly controlled.
(21) The results suggest that insufficient energy supply is an important reason for cellular metabolic disorder after high-velocity missile traum...
(22) AIM: To investigate the risk factors and clinical significance of blood-lipid metabolic disorder in schizophrenic patients caused by phenothiazine treatment for long term(from 1 month to 25 years).
(23) Other trace elements have been observed with phenylketonuria, an inherited metabolic disorder, and kwashiorkor, a severe form of malnutrition that occurs mainly in developing nations.
(24) Losing hair on the rest of your body could be aging or menopause, or a metabolic disorder or circulatory problems.
(25) At present mainly thought that is the diet structure, the metabolic disorder, the congenital dissection textural anomaly.
(26) Fulminant type 1 diabetes mellitus, a recently discovered subtype of idiopathic type 1 diabetes, occurs suddenly, and severe insulin deficiency is present to result in severe metabolic disorder.
(27) Cell organelle degraded or deformed, cell contents decrease, empty cavity cell, physiological metabolic disorder.
(28) Recent clinical and experimental studys in complications of diabetes show that metabolic disorder, vascular lesion and immune factors, specically nerve growth factor contribute to the genesis of DPN.
(29) MethodsThey carried out the experiment by using the method of preventive fat metabolic disorder model.
(30) The imbalance of interstitial cell proliferation and apoptosis and the metabolic disorder of intercellular substance, are two essential factors for renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis.
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