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Metabolic alkalosis in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-12-05Updated:2018-12-05
Similar words: metabolicallyalkalosismetabolicmetabolic ratemetabolic processmetabolic disorderbasal metabolic ratemetabolismMeaning: n. alkalosis resulting from hydrogen-ion loss or excessive intake of alkaline substances. 
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1. This indicates the presence of a metabolic alkalosis.
2. A positive base excess is associated with metabolic alkalosis, and a negative base excess is associated with metabolic acidosis. 301-304.
3. The history, examination, and electrolyte levels suggest mild metabolic alkalosis.
4. Treatment of a mixed metabolic alkalosis and respiratory acidosis is aimed at the underlying problems.
5. Hypokalemia and metabolic alkalosis occur together in states of mineralocorticoid excess, with diuretic therapy or abuse, and in vomiting.
6. Application of excessive hours, can cause metabolic alkalosis.
7. The biochemical tests showed hypokalemic, metabolic alkalosis, increase of urine potassium and urine chlorine in all patients.
8. In conclusion, high calcium diet could cause metabolic alkalosis and disorder of acid-base and electrolyte in growers.
9. When a volume-depleted patient with a metabolic alkalosis is given NaCl solution (nomal saline), the metabolic alkalosis rapidly reverses as large amounts of HCO3- are excreted in the urine.
10. Hypokalemia itself may produce a metabolic alkalosis , since an increase in excretion of hydrogen ions occurs when the concentration of potassium in the tubular cells in low.
11. Increased renal excretion occurs with both respiratory and metabolic alkalosis.
12. Clearly, this kind of metabolic alkalosis would not respond to saline infusion.
13. This equation is applicable to patients with simple metabolic acidosis, and can not be extended to include those with metabolic alkalosis.
14. If the total CO2 is high, the patient may have either metabolic alkalosis or chronic respiratory acidosis, or both.
15. If the patient has been vomiting and is volume-contracted on examination, then metabolic alkalosis may also be present.
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16. Vomiting, however, leads to a loss of gastric hydrochloric acid, and often causes a metabolic alkalosis.
17. A superficial review of the clinical picture may only provide evidence for metabolic alkalosis.
18. Objective To proposes a new method of judging metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis in the condition of high anion gap(AG).
19. Conclusions Primary renal tubular hypokalemic alkalosis is characterized by hypokalemic, metabolic alkalosis, hyperreninemic, hyperaldosteronism and normal blood pressure.
20. The basic laboratory findings of BS was hypokalemia and metabolic alkalosis.
21. Objective To study cause and prevention of II respiratory failure with iatrogenic metabolic alkalosis.
22. Results:In Kunming region common types of acid-basic disturbances in Corpulmonale were respiratory acidosis, respiratory acidosis with metabolic alkalosis, and respiratory and me...
23. Chronic respiratory alkalosis ( CRA ) , CRA plus metabolic alkalosis and metabolic acidosis are seldom.
24. High doses of frusemide are associated with severe electrolyte disturbance and metabolic alkalosis , and should be used cautiously.
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