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Memory cell in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-12-12Updated:2017-12-12
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(1) Through restructuring and reengineering, business memory cells are dispersing.
(2) In the memory cell, a storage element (10), a nonlinear resistance element (20) and an MOS transistor (30) are electrically connected in series.
(3) In a memory cell array, a plurality of memory cells having ferroelectric capacitors amplifies the potential of the bit lines of each memory cell.
(4) Memory cell capacitance is the crucial parameter which determines the sensing signal voltage, speed, data retention times, endurance and against the soft error event.
(5) A memory cell is formed of a semiconductor junction diode interposed between conductors.
(6) A variable is an memory cell that hold a certain type of value.
(7) The invention is directed to a resistive memory cell on a substrate and a resistive memory array.
(8) Further, the memory cell is programmed utilizing a programming pulse that reverse biases the diode thereof.
(9) And the invention also provides a series memory cell and a series memory cell array.
(10) The resistive memory cell comprises a first gate, a second gate, a common doped region, a contact plug, a bit line and a resistive memory element.
(11) A transistor memory cell can be made with any number of terminals.
(12) In this paper, study two immune memory models: memory cell and residual antigen.
(13) The invention discloses a memory cell array arranged multiple in rows and lines.
(14) A memory cell structure for a memory device is provided, the memory cell structure comprising a read transistor having a floating gate node, a tunnelling capacitor, and a coupling capacitor stack.
(15) A memory cell and a data line are controlled with a reset signal, so that data can be reliably outputted in the semiconductor device.
(16) Thus, the sensing range of the memory cell can be remarkably improved.
(17) The present invention can fully cope with scale-down and high-integration by constituting a selectable memory cell substantially of one device.
(18) Compared with common method based on"distance", this method is simpler, uses less memory cell and makes a more reasonable estimation of cluster number.
(19) A fast access time is achieved by using six-transistor CMOS memory cell, latched sense amplifier, and high-speed decoder circuit.
(20) The reset state of a bit line is canceled when selected and connected to a read circuit for read, and information stored in a selected memory cell is read via the selected bit line.
(21) At this moment the IP points to the zero memory cell.
(22) A transistor is grounded not connected to GND without connection, thereby simplifying the replacement of data in the memory cell.
(23) After analyzing the weaknesses, we have revised combined structure memory cell in order to improve the performance.
(24) Resistance is then detected to determine the state of the memory cell.
(25) In between, author suggests a new method of plug-in intermediate memory cell—displacement signal condition interval method.
(26) So silicon nanowires exhibit excellent application promising in nanoscale electron devices such as field effect transistor and memory cell.
(27) The energy and charges deposited by secondary particles are calculated in sensitive volume in memory cell.
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