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Memory address in a sentence

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1. VMA? Valid Memory Address?
2. You can either type a memory address, or use drag - and - drop.
3. In the Address box, type a memory address or expression that evaluates to a memory address.
4. The final location of a referenced memory address is not determined until the reference is made.
5. VMA? Virtual Memory Address?
6. Use for a hexadecimal number 64KB of memory address( address.html), the Numbers should be compiled 0001 to B.
7. Memory address line failure at address, read value expecting value.
8. A computer memory capacity for 512KB, then its memory address register need 19 binary.
9. Each byte offset identifies a memory address used by a machine code instruction.
10. Writing process is complete page-based virtual memory address translation process management and simulation page fault handling.
11. It has two parts: a memory address and an index register.
12. The pointers at each node become array indices rather than true memory addresses, but the structure is functionally unchanged.
13. Program caused an invalid page fault in module module name at memory address.
14. Little-endian means that the least significant byte is stored at the lowest memory address and the most significant byte is stored at the highest memory address.
15. Pointer is a special variable that stores the value which is interpreted as a memory address.
16. Then the loader maps the first DLL to the 0 x 10000000 memory address.
17. Big-endian means that the most significant byte is stored at the lowest memory address and the least significant byte is stored at the highest memory address.
18. When the object is later re-created from its byte string, it will be a new in-memory object identical in structure and value to the original(, though located at a different memory address.
19. Memory address where each instruction is located. For native applications, this is the actual memory address.
20. New memory protection technology is named amount to to defend according to carrying out ( DEP ) , it can prevent code move on illegal memory address.
21. This makes it easier for a debugger to identify which compilation unit created the code at a particular memory address.
22. If you want to set a breakpoint at a particular line, the table gives you the memory address to store the breakpoint instruction.
23. That thread can explicitly load the DLL into the process's address space, get the virtual memory address of a function contained within the DLL, and then call the function using this memory address.
24. The DMA controller allows movement of data from one memory address to another without CPU intervention.
25. In that case, the contents of pointer gonzo - a 4-byte memory address - live in the data segment. The actual string it points to does not, however.
26. Effectively, RDMA allows a member's agent to simply perform what appears to be a local memory copy operation, when in fact the target is the memory address of a remote machine.
27. Many microcomputers do allow you to directly address a memory address.
28. Prints the memory state of size bytes starting at memory address (addr), as explained previously in the Application programming interface section.
29. Four or two shows left external memory or internal memory address, the right two display memory contents.
30. The irredundant sorting bus encoding method reduces the power dissipation of highly capacitive memory address bus based on the dynamic reordering of the modified offset address bus lines.
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