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Mass transfer in a sentence

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1. Exploring the mass transfer resistances during VMD process.
2. Heat and mass transfer process will not only affect the combustion temperature and gas distribution before the tuyeres but also affect the slag formation and pig iron quality in cylinder furnace.
3. The resistance and mass transfer property of ultrafiltration are analyzed, and the modified model of gelatification and polarization is established for the ultrafiltration process.
4. A new model for mass transfer of air bubble in water is established.
5. The minimum liquid—vapor ratio and the Height of Mass Transfer Unit "HTU" can be obtained in lack of interphase heat transfer coefficient by the model.
6. The mass transfer effect of MA when using absorption solution is better than using vacuum-pumping and sweep gas .
7. The heat and mass transfer model of chemical reactions in monolith was coupled to simulate the light-off characteristics of catalytic converter during cold start by CFD.
8. In this paper, the quasi-steady quasi-three-dimensional heat and mass transfer model in the tail water tunnel was found on the principle of thermal balance by using finite cell to control volume.
9. First of all, the fluid hydrodynamics and mass transfer characteristics on gas-liquid-liquid system in gas agitated extractor with static mixer was experimentally investigated.
10. Mass transfer mechanism, mathematical model and operating line equation of rectification - crystallization combination method in this article.
11. At constant gas flow rate, the overall volumetric mass transfer coefficients increase with the rotational speed.
12. Gas-agitation will improve the liquid-liquid contact and mass transfer in extraction column, and it has different effects on packed and spray columns.
13. Examples of interactions are mass transfer caused by temperature gradient.
14. The permeability and mass transfer effects of the immobilized yeast cells by staged hardening or by mixed coagulator were compared.
15. The resistance and mass transfer property of ultrafiltration are analyzed and the modified model of gelatification and polarization is established.
16. Adsorption model for TP mass transfer with XDA-1 resins was set up and the height of mass transfer zone and total mass transfer coefficient in different operation conditions were calculated.
17. After such studies, concentration profiles of the solutes are obtained as the solutions of the linear mass transfer equations.
18. From the experimental results, it can be inferred that the process of purifying the waste gas containing toluene in low concentration by using the biofilter is limited by mass transfer.
19. When the direction of the magnetic field strength gradient and the direction of the chemical potential gradient is identical, the effect of the mass transfer is best.
20. According to the polycondensation reaction balance and molecular diffusion of water balance and balance of mass transfer theory, the experimental phenomena was explained reasonably.
21. The magnetic field promoting the absorption of aqueous ammonia is a new field for enhancing heat and mass transfer.
22. An algebraically explicit analytical solution for governing equations of heat and mass transfer process in wet capillary porous media is derived.
23. Mass transfer and dispersion effects are included with the nonlinear mass transfer zone (MTZ).
24. The test results indicate that operation at high flue gas velocity improves the mass transfer effectively[ transfer.html], increases SO 2 removal efficiency significantly and decreases gas liquid ratio.
25. The research status on the mold filling of expendable pattern casting process is reviewed from the aspects of mold filling characteristics, heat and mass transfer.
26. In this paper theoretic and experimental researches on the heat and mass transfer on corrugated plate surfaces are carried out.
27. In this paper, an equation for the local blood-side Sherwood number is derived from the advancing front theory (AFT) for mass transfer of oxygen in a parallel plate membrane oxygenator.
28. The transverse motion of particle enhances the heat and mass transfer of material in the rotary kiln, and it is important for the optimal design and practical use of the equipment.
29. On the basis of above results, the mutual relationships among temperature, molten pool depth, mass transfer distance, parameters of the laser and properties of materials were carefully discussed.
30. As shown in practical operation, this technology has some advantages such as high efficiency of gas to liquid mass transfer, low liquid to gas ratio, no fouling and good adaptation of load etc.
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