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Major premise in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-10-02Updated:2021-10-02
Similar words: minor premisemajor programmajor projectmajor portmajor partsmajor powermajor planetpremiseMeaning: n. the premise of a syllogism that contains the major term (which is the predicate of the conclusion). 
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1. Revitalizing view is the major premise of innovating management.
2. Major premise: Socialism is a failure.
3. Major premise: Socrates is a person.
4. The major premise and the minor premise of trial syllogism contain the judicial discretion based on certain laws and cases.
5. Appropriate refinancing is also the major premise on which refinancing is in effect for good.
6. The results of measurement provide a major premise for the research of structure stability of tunnel by reason of the raising speed of train.
7. The major premise of syllogism is of universal inevitability,( premise.html) while that of the judicial syllogism has probability.
8. Your major premise was based on a faulty assumption---Classic fallacy.
9. Below this major premise, a lot of people arrange ward in house place most inside more devious perhaps room, this is worth deliberate really.
10. In the process of copper electrolysis by the traditional method,[] good stating sheet product is a major premise and basis for producing copper cathode of high quality.
11. In Behavioural experiments, we manipulated the number of alternative conditionals and the number of disable conditionals that were implied in the major premise to form four types of problem space.
12. Deductive legal reasoning is a reasoning method which regards law as major premise, case as minor premise, and deduces conclusion from the major and minor premise.
13. Pursuing the good taste though, French cuisine also sticks to the major premise of nutrition. It disapproves of purchasing the good taste by abandoning nutrition.
14. In the process of a judge' s trial, the legal reasoning is a major premise of law modes, a minor premise of case fact identification and a deduction proof model based on the major and minor premises.
15. This explains, human dress still is main purpose in order to protect oneself below major premise.
16. There are Chinese characters both in Chinese and Japanese which provide the major premise for the forming of Fanxu Words.
17. Chapter two gives analysis to contradiction and fusion of financial management and insurance marketing under the major premise of targeting at enterprise value maximization.
18. The conclusion is necessary, dependable and effective only if the major premise generally belongs to association judgement.
19. As the external process of legal deduction, substantial reasoning solves the problem of the authenticity, rationality, and validity of the major premise and minor premise of legal deduction.
20. Thirdly, there have 34 items "said about" in "Jing xia", the dissertation form is the syllogism of the major premise has omitted.
21. The accurate metering of the oil well effluent is the major premise to higher recovery efficient, also is the basis to stable oil production and high-yield in oilfield.
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