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Main class in a sentence

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1. Main classes are based upon a division of localities into continents.
2. The alphabetical notation used to designate main classes permits many of these to be included, as shown in Figure 14.5.
3. Main classes are divided into subclasses which are further subdivided into form, place, time and subject aspects.
4. In both, the main class order can be criticized on the grounds of the separation of Sciences from their respective Technologies.
5. Thus main classes are denoted by 300, 600, 800 and so on, and not just 3 or 6.
6. BarScripter: main class coordinating the overall execution.
7. IOCPS: The main class that handles all the communication.
8. Then, edit the Main Class of the application client to the created client class helloworld.ejb.clients.HelloWorldEJBTestClient.
9. You can run this example by running the main class from Eclipse.
10. In the Overview tab, edit the Main Class so that it points to the class, as shown in Figure 13.
11. Note that the project and main class are already specified.
12. Listing 3 contains a complete client main class that calls Listing 1's HelloWorld service via this Dispatch object.
13. The following usage, typically contained in the main class of your application, shows an example placementEventPerformed method implementation from the PlacementListener interface.
14. In this book we have tried to typify the main classes of verbs.
15. Industrial crops Note also the notation for each of the main classes, as shown in Figure 14.7.
16. It is a puzzle why there should be two main classes of cleavage patterns - radial and spiral.
17. Bliss believed that the most important aspect of a classification scheme was the order of its main classes.
18. He argues that capitalist societies remain polarized between two main classes: the ruling class and the working class.
19. Thus, we can see that we can distinguish three main classes in contemporary capitalist society.
20. On the basis of these laboratory studies, meteorites have been divided into three main classes.
21. Normally you run a Java application by specifying the main class as a parameter to the JVM.
22. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to emulate the work done by the JVM in running the main class of your application.
23. If say, Qin Lan of charmingly amenable is born, senseless of, so, UGG Stivali, this chemisette Mei, UGG Classic Short, be be done along the vocational Ya of,( ) total adored main class of.
24. The first parameter is the name of the application, and the third is the fully qualified class name of the application's main class.
25. You, therefore, need to make sure that the manifest of the client application JAR file has a main class: entry.
26. The final argument is the fully qualified class name of what will be your application's main class.
27. To run an application stored in a non-executable JAR, you have to add it to your class path and invoke the application's main class by name.
28. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) usually communicates with the main class using Windows messages (because MFC is not thread safe) and by calling functions or by using the shared variables.
29. As I discussed in Part 1 " Classes and classloading," many classes are loaded before your main class even begins to execute.
30. The code from HsqldbUtil.runScriptTool was refactored to create a method named launch (see Listing 11), which gets the project, main class name and command-line arguments as method parameters.
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