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Magnetic moment in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
Similar words: magnetic memoryferromagnetic materialmagneticmagneticsnonmagneticgeomagneticdiamagneticmagneticallyMeaning: n. the torque exerted on a magnet or dipole when it is placed in a magnetic field. 
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(1) They compared these numbers to precisely determine muon's magnetic moment.
(2) Our predicted values of nucleonic magnetic moment and charge electronic radius are consistent with empirical values used widely in literature and other calculations in the QCD inspired models.
(3) The formulae of magnetic moment of a space coil and moment of magnetic force acted on a coil in a uniform magnetic field are presented.
(4) The study about magnetic moment of nucleon has been carried out for many years.
(5) Change of molecular magnetic moment of liquor and shear yield strength are studied in magnetorheological fluid.
(6) The statistical average value of electronic polarization vector, magnetic moment, energy and paramagnetic susceptibility, which are proceeded under constant magnetic field, is discussed.
(7) We will report principle and method measuring magnetic moment, magnetization and susceptibility of weak magnetic substance applied electromagnetic induction method between 4.2K-323K in this paper.
(8) In this orientation, the magnetic moment of the rotor is directed opposite the magnetic field.
(9) Magnetic moment capping system , adjust , adgree of tightness freely.
(10) Integral Forms for Magnetostatics. Magnetic Multipoles. Relation between Magnetic Moment and Angular Momentum.
(11) From the nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, are the inherent magnetic moment.
(12) The unpaired electron makes the atoms themselves act like spinning bar magnets, with a magnetic moment three orders of magnitude stronger than that of precessing nuclei.
(13) An example is periodic motion, such as the precession of a particle with intrinsic spin and magnetic moment in a constant magnetic field.
(14) However, it could not find full information of magnetic material just having the measure the magnetic moment, Curie temperature and the magnetic hysteresis cycle for the magnetic material.
(15) This essay, Starting from the Calculation of the atomic magnetic moment, approaches the quantum theory of Paramagaetism and diamagnetism by applying quantum mechanics perturbation theory.
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