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Magnetic flux in a sentence

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Sentence count:74Posted:2017-05-22Updated:2017-05-22
Similar words: magnetic forcemagnetic fieldmagneticdiamagneticmagnetic poleparamagneticmagnetic polesferromagneticMeaning: n. 1. a measure of the strength of a magnetic field over a given area 2. the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle. 
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(1) Grain growth is favourable for increasing magnetic flux density.
(2) The SI unit for magnetic flux is the weber.
(3) In center column of core , magnetic flux density is reduced by counteraction.
(4) In order to improve the efficiency of magnetic flux leakage(MFL) testing for tank floors, the flaw location, test data description and visualization from anomalistic signals are studied.
(5) There are varying noises in output signal magnetic flux leakage ( MFL ) nondestructive testing of oil pipeline.
(6) At the same gap width, the magnetic flux density increases with an increase in stirring current, but decreases with the stirring frequency increasing.
(7) A series active power filter based on fundamental magnetic flux compensation has been developed and tested.
(8) In calculating the magnetic flux density B between two blocks of parallel block capacitors, there are two common solutions, one of which is not correct.
(9) When magnetic flux leakage(MFL)means is employed in nondestructive evaluation of gun muzzle, MFL signal contains noises.
(10) The magnetic flux density is uniform near the center of coil, therefore, the meniscus level in mold should locates between the coil center and the top of mold in casting operation.
(11) The field at these sites is particularly intense, as if the magnetic flux lines have been tied into tight bundles.
(12) The left hand can also be used to demonstrate the magnetic flux surrounding a wire carrying a current.
(13) The other acts as a pickup coil producing a voltage proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linking it.
(14) Coiling the wire into a loop permits directional flow of the magnetic flux through the loop.
(15) Together with differential rotation(, this causes a large amount of mechanical energy and magnetic flux to pass through the surface.
(16) The methods of defect signal extraction in the oil pipeline magnetic flux leakage detection are introduced.
(17) The maximum electromagnetic force is in direct proportion to the square of magnetic flux density and in inverse proportion to the current frequency.
(18) Based on references involved in magnetic shunt and leakage magnetic flux due to heavy current leads of a large power transformer, key technique and technical path are founded.
(19) The size of the magnetic shunt are given, when maximal loss density in the clamp can be reduced and magnetic flux densities in the magnetic shunt can't be reached the saturated value.
(20) A new kind of an active reactor with continuous adjustable inductance and resistance is studied based on the magnetic flux control theory in this paper.
(21) The average flow rate along the channel axes of the molten channel is in direct proportion to the magnetic flux density and in inverse proportion to the square root of the density of the molten metal.
(22) The research showed that the control result of electromagnetic brake was related to casting speed, mould angle and magnetic flux density.
(23) The disposal of magnetic pole In order to decrease magnetic hysteresis loss , Magnetic poles are put along the axes of rotor and magnetic flux parallel the axes of rotor.
(24) A two - stage self - adapting filter is proposed for implementing noise decrease in magnetic flux leakage signals.
(25) The Hall element which is adjacent to the end part of the rotor magnetic steel uses the magnetic flux leakage as an operating signal of the Hall element.
(26) The results show that the dynamic behavior of the novel damper is easily controlled by adjusting the magnetic flux density in the radial clearance.
(27) These have important meaning to guide tank floor inspection with magnetic flux leakage technology.
(28) In this instrument the current comparer is set to zero magnetic flux, then the instrument transformer calibrator with the theory of measurement can measure the error of the current transformer.
(29) Magnetic parameters measurement technology refers to magnetic field strength measurement and magnetic flux measurement.
(30) A transformer in its simplest form consists of two stationary coils coupled a mutual magnetic flux.
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