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Magnetic disk in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2019-06-17Updated:2019-06-17
Similar words: magnetic disturbancemagnetic domainmagneticmagneticsnonmagneticgeomagneticmagneticallydiamagneticMeaning: n. (computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored. 
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1. Search times are usually slower than magnetic disks, because the reading head has to follow a track.
2. A flexible magnetic disk enclosed in a protective container.
3. They are still the same Magnetic disk inside.
4. The capacity of magnetic disk systems is growing year by year with the advance of the information-oriented society, and the areal density of magnetic recording is increasing by 60% every year.
5. The magnetic disk, however, becomes performance bottleneck of the whole computer system because of the relative delay of IO devices.
6. To erase information from ( a magnetic disk or other storage device ).
7. In a magnetic disk unit , an arm on which magnetic heads are mounted.
8. Database can be stored on magnetic disk or tape, disk, or some other secondary storage device.
9. For example, each sector a magnetic disk must be manipulated as one continuous string of bits.
10. A repository for demountable recorded media, such as magnetic disk packs and magnetic tapes.
11. A magnetic disk that is not operator demountable from its drive.
12. A magnetic disk unit in which some disks are fixed and others may be exchanged by an operator.
13. A single magnetic disk.
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14. Electronic cameras record light as a series of digital impulses on a magnetic disk.
15. To study the adsorptive mechanism and sliding frictional mechanism between the head and disk of the magnetic disk unit, a qualitative analysis theory is given in this paper.
16. The buffer manager of OSCAR ORDBMS is responsible for fetching necessary data pages from magnetic disk to software level of main memory.
17. The magnetic sensor is used as a magnetic read head in a magnetic recording apparatus such as magnetic disk apparatus.
18. In the whole history, the non-volatile storage of the RDBMS architecture is the magnetic disk from the beginning.
19. A head crash happens when the surface of the read-write head or particles on its surface contact the magnetic disk surface.
20. A listing of the files contained in a storage device , such as a magnetic disk.
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