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Logical system in a sentence

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Similar words: theological systempolitical systemmechanical systemelectrical systemhierarchical systemphilosophical systemlegal systemepistemologicalMeaning: n. a system of reasoning. 
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1. The hierarchy of logical systems that one obtains by the procedure that I have described above is characterized by computable ordinal numbers.
2. Logic an attribute of a logical system that is so constituted that none of the propositions deducible from the axioms contradict one another.
3. Liu Xie's view on "Wen(style)"is a strict logical system of narrative culture.
4. Instead, create a logical system for storing these items in your desk.
5. Physics is a strict reasonable logical system, which consists of physical concepts, physical laws and physical theorems.
6. When you start allowing for system subtypes, logical system divisions, and all the other miscellaneous factors, your one-liner could end up being 300 lines.
7. Aristotelian logical system is the system of classical natural linguistic logic whose fundamental system can't result fr om the study of mathematics.
8. The data flow diagram describes the logical system.
9. The structure of discipline is a logical system composed of scientific facts, concepts, principles, and laws combined together in a certain way.
10. When compared to the flexibility of a logical system, physical level object-oriented systems appear brittle.
11. Protection system is a logical system for struction. The analysis of reliability of protection system may be reduced to the analysis of reliability of the "three state"logical system.
12. That's a ferociously logical system.
13. System of scientific theory is base on a series of science concepts and its logical system.
14. At any given level of decomposition, there is a set of logical system elements considered from a black box perspective.
15. The central question in philosophy of logic is about the issue of the coherence between the valid formal argument in logical system and the extra-systematic informal antetype.
16. While the equilibrium approach captures some of what the logical system approach misses, it does so at a cost: the language has no structure to it.
17. Chapters 1 and 4 give one of his approaches, modeling language as a logical system.
18. Color and physical layout can be used to good effect, and a consistent naming scheme such as the one shown should identify both the logical system entities and their host systems.
19. The objective is to identify and link these key functions and data elements, yielding a logical system design.
20. We shall study and develop all the subjects of logical system, not only the mathematical logic but also logic of natural language, inductive logic, dialectical logic and logic in law.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. So the job of a good philosopher of his kind is to help make us our ideas clear And to do that, he worked out a logical system.
22. As a new branch of logic, semi-symbolic logic intends to break through the limitation of traditional and modern logic to build up a logical system, which is both rigorous and easily to understand.
23. To illustrate my meaning and to show why vague terms make it difficult to model language as a logical system, consider the following version of the famous sorites paradox.
24. Rubinstein's second way to answer question 1 addresses this drawback of the logical system approach, adopting instead what I'll call the equilibrium approach.
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