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Limit value in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2021-01-20Updated:2021-01-20
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1. Unfortunately, the drug is of limited value in treating cancer.
2. Robinson called the proposal a quick fix of limited value.
3. The use of unemployment rates as a criterion of the effectiveness of regional policies is of limited value.
4. Their peers saw their administrative responsibilities as unprofessional and of limited value. 7.
5. But many other researchers have concluded that legal intervention is of extremely limited value in truancy cases.
6. Although the pulsed dye laser is often considered of limited value in mature portwine stain, Tan has recently reported excellent results.
7. Frankly however without cost guides which depend so much on shape such an exercise is of limited value.
8. These data are of limited value in making a genetic analysis.
9. Our data support the results of other studies which have found the erythrocyte sedimentation rate to be of very limited value.
10. Apart from Emergency Debates which, because of their rarity will command widespread coverage in the media, such debates have limited value.
11. Undifferentiated comparisons which ignore parental occupations and educational backgrounds and environmental conditions like housing are also of very limited value.
12. But for much else in polytheism and monotheism it is of more limited value.
13. The stiffer penalties announced by Mason were of limited value by themselves.
14. The up limit value can be defined by user.
15. At the same time, the limit value of the ratio of axial compression strength is reduced.
16. It is set forth that the limit value of lateral deflection is remained to be discussed further.
17. In selecting the upper limit value, sufficient room shall be maintained.
18. This article elaborates the solution of asymptote of rational function curve, pointing out both the common way of finding limit value and the elementary way.
19. Cognition function of brain was simulated by artificial nerve network by changing limit value of point.
20. The supposition coconut milk can drink, how many then the human body limit value is?
21. Butterfly spring valves are important safety attachments of boiler pressure vessels(, they are used to prevent system pressure from exceeding allowable limit value.
22. Based on the theory of the design of crack control and the crack control limit value, an equation to calculate concrete diaphragm wall"s bending moment is deduced."
23. An equation to calculate concrete diaphragm walls bending moment is deduced based on the crack control limit value.
24. The article also presents suggestions as to reduce each economic limit value for the purpose of increasing economic output.
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