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Let out in a sentence

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Sentence count:234+9Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: breakbring outdisclosediscoverdivulgeemitexposegive awayimpartlet looselet onrevealunwraputterwidenSimilar words: get outset outget out oftourput outact outcut outshut outMeaning: v. 1. express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words) 2. make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret 3. bring out of a specific state 4. make (clothes) larger. 
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31. He used to let out cars by the day.
32. She let out a squeak of fright at the sight of the spider.
33. Wellor let out a foul oath and hurled himself upon him.
34. I was glad to be let out of that nasty affair, and have someone more experienced handle the trouble.
35. She let out a howl of pain.
36. The wounded man let out a cry of pain.
37. She let out an anguished cry.
38. She heard him let out a pitiful, muffled groan.
39. The Doberman let out a string of roaring barks.
40. He let out a volley of oaths.
41. He grinned and let out a piercing whistle.
42. She let out her breath on a sigh.
43. He let out a cry of disbelief.
44. These cameras are let out by the hour.
45. She let out a piercing/shrill scream.
46. She let out a yell when she saw me.
47. "Ah, you're here, " she said and heaved/let out/gave a sigh of relief.
48. It was something I'd let out in an unguarded moment.
49. The gesture infuriated him and he let out a stream of invective.
50. She let out a groan of dismay.
51. The manager let out at them when he got the bad news.
52. If he was given five years' imprisonment, he could be let out after three years.
52. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
53. Laura let out the clutch and pulled slowly away down the drive.
54. Cass let out in all directions but his attackers were too strong for him.
55. She let out a peal of laughter.
56. We let out our house when we moved to America.
57. When does your school let out?
58. He let out wildly at the thief.
59. She dropped the book on her foot and let out a row/string of expletives.
60. Ella let out a piercing shriek.
More similar words: get outset outget out oftourput outact outcut outshut outtouristtourismlet offget offget onsee totouch uptouch oncount outin touchpoint outset offdue tocome totouchdownhave totake toget overtournamentbe able toagree toadhere to
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