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Lead-acid battery in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2021-03-26Updated:2021-03-26
Similar words: battery acidassault and batterybattery capacitybatterya batteryacid-base balancedry batterycar batteryMeaning: n. a battery with lead electrodes with dilute sulphuric acid as the electrolyte; each cell generates about 2 volts. 
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1. Its lead-acid battery gives the vehicle about a 90-mile traveling range before it has to be recharged.
2. By comparison, a lead-acid battery in a conventional car costs less than $100 for that much capacity, although it is much too heavy to build an electric car around and not durable enough.
3. Influence of PAB additive on properties of lead-acid battery have been examined by cyclic voltammetry discharge at constant current.
4. Storing about twice as much energy as a lead-acid battery for a given weight[ battery.html], the nickel-metal-hydride battery appeared on the market in 1989.
5. The capacity of the lead-acid battery have close relation to internal resistance and temperature, we can judge performance by internal resistance and temperature.
6. According to customer requirements supply various types of lead-acid battery separator, and ensure that all domestic properties are currently the highest standards, price concessions .
7. The recent trends on grid materials of the lead-acid battery were introduced, mainly on the lead-antimony alloy with low antimony and the lead-calcium alloy without antimony.
8. The valve-regulated lead-acid battery becomes more and more widely used because of its excellent performances. Storage battery's charge and discharge is a very electrochemistry process.
9. This vehicle chooses high performance horizon lead-acid battery and the battery box is designed specially.
10. At the heart of the two-seater sat a massive 533kg lead-acid battery, providing the EV1 with a range of about 110km (70 miles).
11. Lastly, taking safety of energy conservation into consideration, solar panels, lead-acid battery are applied in this design to supply power in case of sudden loss of power.
12. From the comparisons between novel li - ion battery, lithium polymer battery and lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery[], their advantage is highlighted.
13. A lot of hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles still use newfashioned lead-acid battery.
14. The consumption status of refined lead, as well as the changes of lead-acid battery production and export market in China in the last 5 years, were summarized.
15. The effect of organic expanders including humus acid, lignin, violanthrone and iso violanthrone on the performances of the lead-acid battery are described.
16. This thesis mainly proposed the research on fast-charging method of lead-acid battery.
17. The government crackdown has included arresting the managers of several lead-polluting battery factories in Zhejiang province and temporarily closing a swath of lead-acid battery factories in May.
18. In fact, Dr Cui says, it is so good that it rivals the energy-storage capacity of the familiar lead-acid battery.
19. NOVELTY - The system has a charger (102), a winding type lead-acid battery set (103) and an output controller (104) that are connected in series sequence.
20. Main production suitable for all kinds of electric bicycle, tricycles, use of lead-acid battery, its products conodont and midfielder two brands.
21. The stretch method could lower the environmental pollution, save the energy, improve the production efficiency and the performance of the lead-acid battery.
22. The organic expanders are necessary to negative active materials of lead-acid battery.
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